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free of corruption or immorality


free of corruption or immorality

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Flying with an incorrupt relic, however, was more difficult than Regnier expected.
The authenticity of incorrupt bodies has been extensively studied and has baffled scientists and medical experts.
Therefore, the following day the body, found to be incorrupt, is buried in a proper way.
Several years after her death in 1582, her body was exhumed and found to be preserved and incorrupt with a wonderful, sweet fragrance.
And in a concluding discussion of James Shirley's The Traitor, which she links provocatively to the trial of the second earl of Castlehaven in 1631, Dyson notes the way a "rehearsed" trial of the treasonous Depazzi, which does not feature a judge or jury figure, may suggest the impossibility of honest judges: "the only wise, honourable and incorrupt seats of justice in a play so full of plotting, deception and corruption are the empty ones" (188).
When the sarcophagus was opened the body found inside was incorrupt, only to disintegrate almost immediately once struck by air.
When the sarcophagus in which she had been buried in 1635 was opened, her body was found to be whole and incorrupt.
George's God is sadistic, Giles's is kinder, while Mary Magdalene's, not quite knowing what to do with her, is unreliable in granting her her miracles: a woman who becomes pregnant after praying to Magdalene dies during childbirth in spite of her prayers, remains dead but incorrupt for two years, to be finally restored to life in response to another prayer to Magdalene.
Individuals and capital are drawn to states with less regulatory burdens, lower taxes, and open, incorrupt and efficient administration.
Any government employee found involved incorrupt practices would out-rightly lose his job, he said adding therefore, the government employees who could live within their means and salary and can perform his duty to the expectations of the people is welcomed otherwise they are advised to quit the job and search for another employment.
The cult of the saints required the building of shrines, with churches, special liturgies, relics (everything from bits of bone to supposedly incorrupt corpses), hymns, statues, paintings, etc.
The event is to mark the 750th anniversary of the discovery of St Anthony's incorrupt tongue in 1263, which was 32 years after his death.
This relic tour is taking place to mark the 750th anniversary of the discovery of St Anthony's incorrupt tongue by St Bonaventure.
What was perhaps the greatest source of strength for the English-speaking peoples during the Cold War, and indeed in World War II before that, was a generally-accepted feeling that their governments--of which that of the United States was the most important--were, on the whole and despite the shortcomings of certain individuals, fair, honest and incorrupt.
This account from the Chronicle is also elaborated by William of Malmesbury, who adds that AElfheah was decapitated and later found incorrupt.