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Synonyms for incorrectly

in an incorrect manner


in an inaccurate manner

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A July 20 Whispers item incorrectly stated the board's last meeting date.
A Page One story Monday on Lincoln impersonator Steven Holgate incorrectly identified Lincoln's debate opponent as Frederick Douglas.
Well all I can say to any crackdown is simply this - if that is the actual penalty for using a badge incorrectly, then I am afraid that the fraudsters will continue 'cocking a snook' at any authority.
Also, the article incorrectly stated the portion of total federal spending attributable to Social Security disability benefits awarded by administrative law judges.
In the September 2011 issue, on page 77 in the "2010 ANCSA Regional Corporation Overview" we stated incorrectly that Calista Corp.
Second, the homicide rate commented on in the article "Favelas in the Spotlight" (page 35) is out of 100,000, not 1,000, as the article incorrectly reports.
The financial terms were incorrectly stated in a story in yesterday's Telegram & Gazette.
A People and Politics item on page 8 of the December issue incorrectly identified New Jersey Representative Joseph Roberts.
The article, "WesCorp Board Cedes to Conservatorship," in the April 15 issue incorrectly stated that five board members met.
In the September issue of The Real Deal, the story "Luxury in small packages on Park Avenue South" spelled Jacqueline Urgo's name incorrectly.
The special section listing the winners of the 2008 BOB Awards incorrectly named the runner-up in the category of Best Luxury Auto Dealership.
14th Spectrum, the title of Carrie Yang Costello's book was listed incorrectly.
It should be for all intents and purposes, but it's amazing how often it appears incorrectly.
A photo in People and Places in October incorrectly stated that a 145-yearold congregation was located in Argyle, Ont.
On pages 932 of the September CME section, the date of original release was incorrectly listed as August 1, 2006.