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Synonyms for incorrectly

in an incorrect manner


in an inaccurate manner

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A story in Sports on Wednesday incorrectly said the runs were scored in the bottom of the fifth.
The site has a box in which you can type in your name to see how Spicer would incorrectly pronounce it.
Three in five (60%) people incorrectly thought credit reference agencies make lending decisions themselves.
11 column, Editor Gwen Moritz incorrectly identified Engstrom as a defense attorney in the case.
56) incorrectly said Espin 83; the column's text is correct.
A reference was cited and listed incorrectly in the articles "A Response to the Proposed Paradigm: Freedom Runs Through It" by Allen J.
1 billion in benefits granted by administrative law judge Charles Bridges was incorrectly characterized as being for a one-year period.
In the September 2011 issue, on page 77 in the "2010 ANCSA Regional Corporation Overview" we stated incorrectly that Calista Corp.
1c] classification by IEC criteria labeled 32% correctly, 38% incorrectly as having prediabetes, and 29% incorrectly as being normal; ADA criteria labeled 32% correctly, 50% incorrectly as having prediabetes, and 18% incorrectly as being normal; and VA/DoD criteria labeled 12% correctly, 71% incorrectly as having prediabetes, and 18% incorrectly as being normal.
In the review of Something Like Fate, the main character's best friend's name was incorrectly identified as Erica.
The financial terms were incorrectly stated in a story in yesterday's Telegram & Gazette.
A People and Politics item on page 8 of the December issue incorrectly identified New Jersey Representative Joseph Roberts.
The article, "WesCorp Board Cedes to Conservatorship," in the April 15 issue incorrectly stated that five board members met.
09), the date of a fundraising quintet of 10-minute plays was incorrectly noted as May 10.
As a simple example, if three percent random measurement error occurs for a sample of 1,000 on a race/ethnicity item having two groups (white and minority), where the majority group make up 90 percent of the total population, then 27 majority subjects (three percent) will be erroneously classified as minorities and three minorities (three percent) will be incorrectly classified as majority.