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The Incorporeality of God in Maimonides, Rabad and Spinoza," In Studies in Jewish Thought, edited by Sara Heller-Willensky and Moshe Idel, 63-69.
In this reading, the "solidity" of the other characters (as opposed to the incorporeality of the child) marks not their greater "substantiality" but, rather, their status as finished products, fixed for display in the adult Michael's memory.
Some testify at length, such as arguments from the incorporeality of the soul and arguments from design, one of which anticipates Paley with its example of 'an Indian or Chinois' finding 'a Watch cast on shore in some Trunk or Casket of some shipwrackt European vessel' (239).
But owing to their incorporeality such beings cannot make things and are so excluded from Ars.
The incorporeality of white masculine agency has consequences for how the black male body is subsequently conceived and represented because if European men in general (and Napoleon in particular) are body-less, then Toussaint is all body.
Echoing Frank's quotation of Gregory of Nyssa, "Moses still had an insatiable desire for more," Sheldrake articulates pilgrimage to people as a reflection of the broad Christian theological claim that faith is lived out in the tension that Frank describes as between God's corporeality and incorporeality, and Sheldrake names between earth and heaven, between "particularity and universality.
Also, it is not entirely clear which way the factor of corporate incorporeality augers concerning punishment.
This metaphorical incorporeality becomes literal when Creusa's shade appears to Aeneas.
For Stephens there was uncertainty not just about this or that feature of the demonic but about Christianity itself--a religion built on the contradictions of incorporeality and therefore inherently difficult to square with Aristotelian empiricism.
Drawing on the Thomist doctrine of the incorporeality and therefore sexlessness of the angels, the poem concludes (perhaps facetiously) that though woman's love is as pure as air, it is not as pure as a man's, which is as pure as an angel.
On one level, we might view their incorporeality as embodiments of a post-modern weltanschaung where scientific indeterminacy-hence, philosphical relativism--substitutes for blind faith; on another level, the people--these shady caricatures, these sketchy shades--seem real as some compulsion-driven folks we know.
Unity, incorporeality, and priority are qualities of God.
While this transformation contributes to the ideology of the repressed the dead body, its incorporeality was due in part to the photographic process itself.
In a paper he graciously showed me before publication, `Asomatos: Nuances of Incorporeality in Philo', John Dillon has tried to make the case again for the [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] reading, but claiming it only for Posidonius, who is mentioned last.
In short, the spiritual model of life, death and afterlife increasingly emphasized the incorporeality of the vital principle by contrast with the material nature of the body and the tangible world.