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Synonyms for incorporeal

Synonyms for incorporeal

without material form or substance


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But the most fundamental frailty of Hansard evidence is the one alluded to by Justice Sopinka in Morgentaler, quoted earlier in this paper: "The main criticism of such evidence has been that it cannot represent the 'intent' of the legislature, an incorporeal body." An elected assembly is a multi-member body.
But it has, because while the music may sound the same, it--like just about everything else--has changed from the physical world we once counted on, to a world without form--an incorporeal, digital one, that is nevertheless our new reality.
Buddhist theology is complicated, more so than I'd realised -- reincarnation isn't just a matter of coming back after death; there are 31 possible realms into which to be reborn, 29 of them incorporeal (the other two are animal and human) -- but it's still bound to seem like superstition to the non-religious.
Plato maintains that (1) there is a strict dualism between souls (imperceptible, incorporeal, divine) and bodies (perceptible, changeable, impure); (2) souls are superior to and well-suited to govern or rule bodies; (3) we are to identify our moral and mental selves with our souls; and (4) the soul is immortal and exists as a complete person both before and after it is embodied.
Diego Saglia's essay on the "spectral spectacularity" of ghost melodramas of the 1820s focuses attention on what may be the Romantic era's most striking single trope or image of theatrical and cultural instability--the prolific and "fluid category" of the ghost on stage, a figure who subverts "the boundaries between different dimensions": visible and invisible, suddenly disappearing from stage through the use of technological innovations like the vampire trap; dangerously physical and gory, yet weirdly incorporeal; human to the basics of sexual lust, yet also supernatural and uncontainable.
Goods are generally defined as movable property, including intangibles and incorporeal articles, but excluding newspapers, actionable claims, stocks, shares, and securities.
Let us tithe regularly to spiritual persons or organizations where we get our inner and incorporeal inspiration.
The incorporeal resides in the past and future (Aion) and in the transformative likelihoods of each.
In sections on conceptualizing Deleuze, Deleuze and aesthetics, and glossary, they discuss such topics as the invention of problems in Deleuze's Bergsonism, intensive multiplicities in A Thousand Plateaus, Essays Critical and Clinical, modernism and the imperceptible animal, Henry Miller and Deleuze's "strange Anglo-American literature, incorporeal modernism, body without organs, memory, and schizoanalysis.
Nel secondo capitolo, "Elsa Morante's Menzogna e sortilegio: The Incorporeal Bond" (pp.
Law regulated rights to very important incorporeal prerogatives as well--including ancestral names, songs, and many other properties.
For many of them, even if they insist otherwise, the Ummah and Caliphate is more of incorporeal spaces than actual geographical boundaries.