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growing by taking over and incorporating adjacent territories

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The music industry's vision of blockchain troubles Swartz's dichotomy between radical and incorporative. On the one hand, many blockchain enthusiasts in music do have utopian dreams for blockchain applications.
Around two years of age, children develop unconscious incorporative memories by imitating significant others in their lives-typically their parents.
I want to read this attempt in order to illustrate how Defoe's text creates the discursive possibility of resistance within Christianity's very terms, setting the stage for Coetzee's Foe to critique the incorporative, interpenetrating processes of both colonialism and Christianity.
(26) That is not to say that "incorporative" arguments cannot operate alongside combination arguments.
Wang, "Marine and offshore safety assessment by incorporative risk modeling in a fuzzy-Bayesian network of an induced mass assignment paradigm," Risk Analysis, vol.
In his writings on baptism, Dietrich Bonhoeffer helps us to re-value this incorporative and unifying meaning of baptism:
Around the eleventh century, the Cholas started extending their kingdom through a system of incorporative kingship, in which sovereignty was shared with subregional and local leaders as subordinates.
Participatory mass media programs, such as call-in programs in the broadcast media or letters to the editor in the print media, are examples of incorporative strategies that pretend to accommodate alternative views.
The statute requires the incorporative reference to "specifically state that the form is being incorporated by reference and ...
He wanted to make the incorporative but melancholic structure of white racial identity feel profoundly challenging and difficult when confronting the horrific phenomenon of racist violence.
Agyeman and Evans (2003) further note that sustainability strategies incorporative of environmental justice should include "intergenerational, intra-generational international, and interspecies equity, and supporting economic reforms that value community economic development with redistributive values and policies" (pg.
As Anthony Wagner notes, the Act of Resumption on the accession of Henry VII may not have affected the incorporative status of the heralds, even though their house at Coldharbour was confiscated.
What does it mean that the incorporative process moves him away from language, and as such, away from the subject formation that has enabled him to articulate loss and mirror Addie's enveloping function?
I do not make a study of that hermeneutics here; rather, I draw upon several key passages in order to characterize the particularly embodied, incarnated, incorporative nature of the poetic activity that defines Claudel's dramatic witness to his Christian experience of reality.