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Synonyms for incorporation

Synonyms for incorporation

consolidating two or more things

learning (of values or attitudes etc

including by incorporating

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The SECP has already issued the SRO to amend the incorporation procedures.
Chambers presents readers with a collection of interviews conducted with members of the Somali immigrant community in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and Columbus, Ohio examining issues of immigrant incorporation in American society.
However it seems clear from the above provisions that individuals who enter into contracts for and on behalf of a company before its incorporation will be personally liable under that contract.
At this point, it remains unclear whether the partners and partnership intend to report the incorporation as a tax-deferred transaction under Sec.
He has to the Peruvian university to promote and to improve the quality of the professional careers that offers in order to contribute to the social incorporation and the national development.
Aircraft manufacturer Boeing (NYSE:BA) on Tuesday announced that its first 787 Dreamliner to undergo change incorporation work in San Antonio, Texas, returned to Everett, Washington on Sunday.
com)-- “Our new design service gives startups and small businesses thousands of options when it comes to website design,” said Shannon Stahlin, chief executive officer, Direct Incorporation.
Tokyo, Japan, Nov 12, 2007 - (JCN Newswire) - Japaninvest Group plc (the "Group" or "Japaninvest") (TSE Mothers Global: 3827) announces that its board of directors has approved incorporation of the following subsidiaries for the purpose of developing of the Group's execution and Asia research businesses at its meeting held on 12 November 2007.
Another issue is political will and the ability of the community raise the $250,000 it would likely take to push an incorporation through.
Akrotak 100 resin aids in processing elastomers and plastic products by increasing green tack, rate of incorporation of fillers and pigments, and provides wetting action for fillers.
The promoter must prepare and submit the Articles of Incorporation ("Teikan") for attestation by a Japanese notary public ("Koshonin").
Shaping Race Policies seeks to explain why racial incorporation is successful in some arenas of American public policy--such as in the employment sphere where affirmative action has significantly diversified the labor market--while it has failed in others--notably in the area of welfare, where policies have tended to marginalize minorities.
For this discussion, a tax-free incorporation includes all transfers of property to a corporation, in exchange for its stock, by one or more persons who control the corporation immediately after that exchange.
The incorporation doctrine is a legal fiction introduced in the 1920s, five decades after the 14th Amendment was ratified.