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a lack of coordination of movements

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However, the combination groups manifested higher degree of analgesia, motor incoordination and sedation.
Common criteria by healthcare professionals for referral of infants and children for feeding and swallowing evaluation included: suckling and swallowing incoordination, weak suck, breathing disruptions or apnoea during feeding, excessive gagging or recurrent coughing during feeds, diagnosis of disorders associated with dysphagia or under-nutrition, severe irritability during feeding, history of recurrent pneumonia and feeding difficulty, concern for possible aspiration during feeds, lethargy or decreased arousal during feeds, tedious feeding times and nasopharyngeal reflux during feeding.
The military operations command in Aleppo, incoordination with Aleppo Governor and PoliceCommand, will adopt the necessary procedures todeliver the factories which the army hascontrolled in al-Liramoun area to their owners.
Animal showed ataxia, failure to hold head straight with incoordination and uncontrolled movements.
With most antiepileptic drugs, adverse effects mainly are dose-related and include sedation, drowsiness, incoordination, nausea, and fatigue.
High doses in cats may cause depression, incoordination, muscle twitching and excessive urination.
sup][27] Such results support the hypothesis that increased residual urine volume may be due to detrusor hypofunction or incoordination of detrusor and sphincter.
They include depression, vomiting, incoordination, hypersalivaton, dilated pupils, low blood pressure, seizure, coma and, in rare cases, death, according to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (888-426-4435).
Conclusions: It is shown in our study that the patients with diabetic neuropathy have greater episodes of coughing/choking incidences, proving indirectly that there are more incidences of increased coughing episodes and impairment of other laryngeal airway reflexes leading to incoordination between these and the swallowing reflexes and, thereby, more pulmonary aspiration episodes in these populations.
Incoordination of inhalation with activation (dys- synchrony), high orophargyneal deposition, and poor pulmonary deposition of drug are the commonest problems during MDIs use.
He added such a level of consumption could be associated with confusion, dizziness, altered perception and muscular incoordination.
Conium mac has difficult, uncertain gait, trembling, sudden loss of strength while walking, affects the nerves and muscles, difficult speech, incoordination, and paralysis.
Louping-ill - a viral disease (Arborvi-rus) which can affect the brain giving rise to incoordination ('louping gait'),trembling, paralysis, convulsions and death.
Its short term adverse effects include anxiety and paranoia;disorientation; impaired memory; thinking, learning and problem-solving difficulties; poor attention and focus; and, muscle weakness and incoordination.
Louping-ill is an often fatal tick-transmitted viral disease characterized by a fever, depression, ataxia, muscular incoordination, tremors, posterior paralysis and coma.