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Synonyms for inconvenient

Synonyms for inconvenient

not accessible or handy


causing difficulty, trouble, or discomfort

not occurring at a favorable time

Antonyms for inconvenient

not suited to your comfort, purpose or needs


not conveniently timed

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'We have a good choice of inconvenient lodgings in the town, sir, I think,' replied the waiter, with modest confidence in its resources that way; 'indeed, I have no doubt that we could suit you that far, however particular you might be.
He found the rent moderate, and everything as quaintly inconvenient as he could desire.
"Very inconvenient, upon my word; and you hurt me devilishly, I can tell you.
This was a large, square chamber, arranged with some state as a bedroom, the extravagant size of which made it so inconvenient that it had not for years, though kept by Mrs.
The loss of one hundred dollars a year is a very trifling matter, but it made all the difference between comfort and self-denial to the two old spinsters Their manner of life had been so rigid and careful that it was difficult to economize any further, and the blow had fallen just when it was most inconvenient, for Rebecca's school and boarding expenses, small as they were, had to be paid promptly and in cash.
But in the round keep, a shape only seen in the most ancient castles the chambers excavated in the thickness of the walls and buttresses the difficulty by which access is gained from one story to those above it, Coningsburgh still retains the simplicity of its origin, and shows by what slow degrees man proceeded from occupying such rude and inconvenient lodgings, as were afforded by the galleries of the Castle of Mousa, to the more splendid accommodations of the Norman castles, with all their stern and Gothic graces.
Their buildings, although very rude and simple, are not inconvenient, but well contrived to defend them from all injuries of and heat.
It may be inconvenient for Georgia, or the States forming our western or northeastern borders, to send their representatives to the seat of government; but they would find it more so to struggle alone against an invading enemy, or even to support alone the whole expense of those precautions which may be dictated by the neighborhood of continual danger.
It was very strange that he should come to Longbourn instead of to Lucas Lodge; it was also very inconvenient and exceedingly troublesome.
he ought also to consider whether his allotment of the houses will be useful to the community, for he appoints two houses to each person, separate from each other; but it is inconvenient for a person to inhabit two houses.
A calorifere to produce the changes of temperature, and a cylinder to generate the heat, are neither inconvenient nor heavy.
Robert Strickland has "interpreted" all the facts in his father's life which a dutiful son might find it inconvenient to remember must surely lead him in the fullness of time to the highest dignities of the Church.
Continue reading "After Ethiopian Israeli Is Killed by Police, Protesters Face a Few Inconvenient Truths " at...
Apparently Messrs Grant and Bibby are not concerned that this PS144 million plus most inconvenient link would be potentially detrimental to Ayrshire and Inverclyde passengers, who would face extended journey times and possible loss of services.
The President said he was aware that temporary evacuation was inconvenient for people but such precaution must be obeyed for their own safety during a typhoon.