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in an obvious and provable manner

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The courts were, in my opinion and in the opinion of many, unable to incontrovertibly prove Al-Turki's guilt or innocence.
Perhaps the answer lies in the very fact of the post-Minimalist dismantling of the throttlehold of unitary sculpture itself--think Cubism into Constructivism into Minimalism--that is, of all that was incontrovertibly, tangibly high modernist.
He said: "He had an extraordinary way of sharing his message in an engaging and lively way - in both languages - and that was incontrovertibly proved in his excellent and comprehensive work The History of Wales.
Add to this his practical purpose for writing--that his poems should 'turn to the advantage of any dejected poor soul'--and his uniqueness emerges incontrovertibly.
The fact is that in relation to animals, humans--whatever their class position--are incontrovertibly dominant, and the claims and struggles of other species, whether manifested individually or collectively, are impotent in the face of our overwhelming might amplified by technology.
The consequences of nuclear warfare appeared incontrovertibly more immediately dangerous and requiring of action than a death camp set up by a thoroughly defeated regime that no longer posed an existential threat.
They are the club with the narrative of their own, the club that established itself incontrovertibly as the leading team in Manchester as United fell from grace.
An idealised, idiosyncratic piece of dogmatic art was delivered to the residents of Gosforth: 'idealised' because the interpretation intended (by the council) to be drawn from this pamphlet was one of Gosforth High Street being transformed into a better environment than it currently is in its normal state; 'idiosyncratic' because this mode of interpretation is purely that of the council and does not represent the majority of residents; and 'dogmatic' because I argue that the council are asserting their opinions of this red route through these pictures as incontrovertibly true.
And I've come to believe that those contradictions are just as God-breathed as are the seemingly incontrovertibly self-evident commands.
chides the chief baddie; "Well, he wasn't doing a very good job," replies his second-in-command incontrovertibly.
That documentation showed incontrovertibly that false and/ or dishonest information had been submitted to the Halifax Building Society in support of an insurance claim by the complainants Mr and Mrs Hendrie.
King incontrovertibly saved the best until last, however, by recovering from a troubled start to race three to regain second position and Class leader right the way to the finish, prevailing in the International Class to notch up a magnificent maiden F3 triumph.
Incontrovertibly, this vision is light years distant from sociological notions of "minority fiction.
Her sheer number of examples, many of them central to contemporary Israeli culture, incontrovertibly establish that the aqedah has indeed functioned as one of the foundational cornerstones of modern Zionist and post-zionist discourse, a malleable structure that can be manipulated in many different, even opposed directions, by all those who have seized upon it since ancient times.
She may win by daylight; if she wins by five lengths or the like from decent European yardsticks, thus incontrovertibly sewing together global form, then Frankel may have to shuffle over to make room at the top.