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in an obvious and provable manner

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It was a race that delivered all it had promised and it was a display - and here Sea The Stars fans should take note - that incontrovertibly defined the greatest horse of his day.
And while most things are open to interpretation, Step On is incontrovertibly not: it was massive and magnificent, an utter celebration, and as thrilling a concert going moment as I've seen all year.
After the case Hipwell's solicitor, Harry Travers, of BCL Burton Copeland, said: "We think this is an excessive sentence, wrong in principle and also surprising in view of the fact that the evidence showed incontrovertibly that any investor who had followed the tips overall would have made a handsome profit."
The Palestinians seen are just as varied, only more incontrovertibly put upon.
And Gianni Versace took up the cellophane and Rhodophane gauntlet that Elsa Schiaparelli had thrown down in the '30s, practicing a conservative couture on new materials - heavy plastic and nacreous polyvinylchloride - and achieving again what Schiaparelli had achieved: a couture art that was both ordinary and extraordinary, but that incontrovertibly evaded all pieties of a middle ground.
I have long felt that the conservative vision, like its liberal and radical counterparts, contains a powerful core of beliefs -powerful not because these beliefs could be shown to be incontrovertibly true or false but precisely because they were not susceptible of proof or disproof.
This may be true, but this is also incontrovertibly not the case when it comes to Marcos.
Tennant said: "The Doctor now knows incontrovertibly that he's running from his own demise."
Incontrovertibly, the unlikely love affair between Labour and big business is drawing to a predictably unhappy end.
There was one story, however, that plonked itself firmly and incontrovertibly in the tray marked 'Oh dear'.
Mr Christopherson said: "We are now beginning to see examples of highly professional and accessible sites that prove incontrovertibly that an organisation's website can and should be accessible to the broadest audience possible
IT is hard to know what to make of Prince Charles' latest gaffe - if that is what it was - which shows him, incontrovertibly, to be his father's son.
At nearly 60, he is still in his sexual prime, immensely eleven (Their battle of wits and wills has a nifty resolution--he sketches his interrogator and signs it, thereby providing her with an incontrovertibly authentic Picasso to burn.) He is also insufferably self-absorbed (he draws his own grief-stricken face at the moment when he hears his great friend Apollinaire has died, probably because of Picasso's betrayal) and has the confidence of a genius who never doubted his powers.
After this frog-throated aria Leigh moves on to poor Bourgeois: "Rising like a proud, pristine phoenix in a Pasolini opera from the ashes of th past, overcoming obstacles as mighty as deconstruction and as petty as simulation, Bourgeois reigns supreme, and her subjects do not (and cannot) hide their worship, for her stamp is all over their works as brazenly as so often their politics are written on their black crepe Comme des Garcons sleeves." All of which is plainly, utterly, incontrovertibly meaningless.
But, the much refined iteration of Santos' performance in the movie itself incontrovertibly demonstrates that the Star for All Seasons need not go the Meryl Streep route to deliver a flashy but affection-hooking insight into the heart of an imperfect but well-meaning mother-who wants nothing but redemption!