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Synonyms for incontrovertibility

the quality of being undeniable and not worth arguing about

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Over the next few years the incontrovertibility of the 'race as social construct' position began to erode.
The renegade is granted a privileged position as participatory witness--"I alone am escaped to tell you"--in books that stress the incontrovertibility of first-person experience and narration, claims to truth-telling echoed in Walter Hartright's insistence that "No circumstance of importance, from the beginning to the end of the disclosure, shall be related on hearsay evidence" (5).
The ambiguity surrounding her frame of mind renders uncertain both the process through which she recollects and reconstructs her history, and the incontrovertibility of the self-knowledge premised on that recall.
And it can be delivered by the highest ranking authority in the hierarchy of knowers to ensure its incontrovertibility.
This assumption has an air of incontrovertibility in peaceful and stable times, when a particular political worldview, emphasizing the dignity of the individual at the expense of the exigencies of collective projects, has gained ascendancy.
And when I have done all that, I drop the bomb on them: stepping into my own mukluks, I tell them that all these things they believe to be TRUE are culturally constructed, that the science they have been taught to revere is only one worldview, and that the incontrovertibility of scientific proof is a fallacy.