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not having control over urination and defecation


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If the number of incontinent episodes is reduced by at least 50% during the trial, the stimulation device is implanted.
Questionnaires were issued to patients at 15 and 30 weeks' gestation and again six months after childbirth, and 5026 women were incontinent at 30 weeks' gestation.
Speaking at a Cardiff inquest, Dr Sastry said: 'For an elderly woman to be twice found incontinent and not changed is unacceptable and I am sure the nursing staff would agree with that.
There are three essential elements to skin care of the incontinent patient: cleanse, protect, keep dry.
Slow down Lubricated Goat but up the dose, sprinkle liberally with the blues, and you'll be sucking your thumb in the corner like an incontinent in no time .
In a study of 71 patients, only 14% were totally continent at the 69-month follow-up, while 54% remained incontinent for solid stool.
population is age 65 and older, and nearly half of that age group is estimated to be incontinent.
Obviously gay from a very early age - all the kids in secondary school probably figure that out before he does and ostracize him accordingly - Angelo can't possibly acknowledge his orientation without sending his traditional, judgmental and, of course, emotionally incontinent Old World parents through the roof.
INCONTINENT elderly patients could be left lying in soiled beds because there are not enough staff to care for them properly, says a Coventry nurse.
The American shopping public absorbs a significant number of disposable diapers each year, including those intended for infants as well as for incontinent adults.
Nuns who were depressed, had a history of urinary tract infections (UTI), and a relatively high body mass index were more likely than others to also be incontinent, states the report.
How can you be a hip-hop tough guy with a name that sounds like an incontinent member of Ken Dodd's troupe of dancing dwarfs?
inappropriately advising that an incontinent patient need not be changed; failing to change five incontinent patients; washing two patients with the same water, sponge and towel; taking a two-hour break without notifying colleagues of her whereabouts; and leaving care assistants in charge of patients while she practised yoga.
Here are some of the choice offerings: "Thou shalt be kicked by an incontinent camel, thou Mesopotamian harlot
Bladder Volume Instrument Dramatically Reduces Incontinent Episodes by One