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Synonyms for incontestable

Synonyms for incontestable

Synonyms for incontestable

incapable of being contested or disputed

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not open to question

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This is an important strategic step for the company; this acquisition will add substantial growth to our portfolio which already includes the fastest growing network in DRC and another two operations with an incontestable first rank in market share; in Gambia and Sierra Leone.
It's a very well-known collection, the provenance of the pieces is incontestable," Thierry Lentz, director of the Napoleon Foundation, said.
The new company will be the incontestable number two in fixed services and third in mobile behind Vodafone, but we think we'll be able to take second-place pretty quickly.
It is an incontestable fact that Erdoy-an does not want a powerful figure to occupy the post of AK Party leader and prime minister.
The demand for promoting the legal-constitutional status of Albanians in Macedonia has an incontestable historical, political and constitutional-legal support.
In making this gesture, Narendra Modi, the man who outwitted all of India's political punditry to emerge as the incontestable choice to occupy the prime minister's chair, has revealed his first principle of governance: Execute a perfectly-timed volte face to disarm opponents.
According to Dimitrov, the course that is patriotic and the course that leads to the incontestable goal depends on the context.
She agreed that their arguments for bilateral implants were incontestable.
They say it's an incontestable patent, but I think it's the basic right of any manufacturer to put their brand name on their own products," he said.
Concernant le coureur francais Mathieu Perget, l'homme qui s'est impose comme candidat incontestable a la victoire finale, M.
The result will demonstrate in a clear, democratic and incontestable way how the people of the Falkland Islands wish to live their lives," the Falklands' government said in a statement.
They've managed to retain a clean sheet in only three league matches this term and as Coventry have failed to score on just two occasions, the likelihood of a straight forward home win appears incontestable.
Modern Manners Defined, said: "I spent a year making a BBC Two documentary about the state of education in Britain and if I took away one single incontestable fact it was the schools where the teachers were respected were the schools that delivered the best education.
This could include age change, restarting the incontestable clause and a possible difference in guaranteed interest rates.
AT THIS stage of Most Improved's career, every incontestable clue is helpful in an attempt to separate hype from fact.