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Synonyms for incontestable

Synonyms for incontestable

Synonyms for incontestable

incapable of being contested or disputed

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not open to question

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Incontestability in trademark law is an example of a bright-line rule that changes the strength of the intellectual property right post-grant, allowing a trademark owner "to quiet title in the ownership of his mark" after five years of continuous use of the mark in commerce.
citizenry must come to grips with the incontestability that it is from White supremacy that the bricolage recasting presses relentlessly emanate and, evidently, has incarcerated their thinking and vision.
The Insurance Code's incontestability provision for life insurance policies states, in relevant part: "[a] life insurance policy must provide that a policy in force for two years from its date of issue during the lifetime of the insured is incontestable, except for nonpayment of premiums.
The process for acquiring protection of, and even incontestability for, a descriptive mark is consistent with the notice function of productive use because it signals the relative value that the mark owner, competitors, and the public place on respective uses of the mark.
Among the statutory requirements, the acknowledgment of Incontestability can only be obtained once the mark has been in continuous use in commerce for a period of five (5) years after the date of registration, or date of publication under u 12(c), and the mark is still in use in commerce.
In September 2011, Phoenix won a similar case when the Delaware Supreme Court ruled that insurers can challenge the legitimacy of a policy that had changed hands at any point, even after the two-year incontestability period.
registration has the benefit of incontestability after five years of registration.
The seeming incontestability of compassion as a response to animal existence, viewed from within an axial framework, dramatically loses relevance then from a deontic viewpoint.
At a minimum, the 2009 amendment fails to address the following: (1) the "real" holder of an insurable interest remains confusing, (2) the time when an insurable interest must exist, (3) the period in which the insured owes the duty of disclosure to the insurer, (4) potential obstacles in implementing the incontestability provision, (5) possible unfairness associated with the rule regarding the construction and governance of contractual terms, and (6) the moral hazard issue embedded in rules relating to double insurance.
Explain probate, incontestability, control, creditor protection, and Medicaid versatility.
insurance contracts include incontestability clauses: provisions that
Capability, intent, and incontestability together define the credibility of a deterrent declaration.
They refer, moreover, with the full rigidity of their apodictic certainty and incontestability to the reality of action as it appears in life and history.
They refer, moreover with the full rigidity of their apodictic certainty and incontestability to the reality of action as it appears in life and history.