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Synonyms for incontestable

Synonyms for incontestable

Synonyms for incontestable

incapable of being contested or disputed

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not open to question

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For example, Suman Naresh considers the possibility that incontestability might be justified by a societal interest in settling claims (one of the rationales identified earlier to support adverse possession), (271) but concludes that the public cannot consent to the acquisition of an incontestable mark through its collective inaction because there is no well-placed public actor to oppose the march to incontestability.
This declaration of incontestability provides an extra layer of important protections and advantages to the SubscriberWise mark and brand," said David Howe, president of SubscriberWise.
The third change the 2009 Amendment made to the duty of disclosure was the addition of the incontestability provision.
use and function of incontestability clauses, see Works, supra note 47,
This is not the least because it is through a claim to law's 'technical' nature that the Bank has circumvented the prohibition in its Articles of Association on interference in the politics of client states (35) thereby reinforcing the incontestability of the specific laws and legal institutions being insisted upon by the Bank.
Life insurance policies contain incontestability clauses that limit the time in which an insurer may contest the validity of an insurance policy based on material misrepresentations made by the insured during the application process.
Without laying out the incontestability of infrastructures as primary cause, we believe that between praxis and practice there is always a mediator, which is the conceptual operating schema by which matter and form--each of which can not exist without the other--are fulfilled as structures, that is to say as entities both empirical and intelligible.
Focus on the important policy provisions like grace periods, incontestability, suicide, reinstatement, beneficiary clauses, and cash surrender values.
The incontestability clause has been a part of life insurance policies for perhaps 150 years.
The question is whether newborn screening (for certain conditions designated by the medical authorities in a jurisdiction) may simply pass into the realm of incontestability on account of its being a form of routine procedure which is deemed advisable by medical authorities.
Of course, since Hill already determined that only Stravinsky was Messiaen's equal, this incontestability could not have existed before 1971, the year Stravinsky departed and Messiaen turned 63.
The contract provides incontestability and privacy for the named beneficiaries.
Then he reviews case law on such aspects as infringement of the trademark rights, acquisition of trademark rights, incontestability, domain names, international influences and harmonization, and remedies.
In one STOLI scheme, the expiration of a policy's two-year incontestability period triggers a transfer of ownership or control of the policy to the investors who will receive the death benefit when the insured dies.