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likely to change frequently often without apparent or cogent reason

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His own resoluteness, he proceeds to reveal, has freed him from the "regret and remorse" that beset "those frail and irresolute minds that allow themselves inconstantly to go about treating as if good things they later judge to be bad.
Scenes are constructed as interior monologues, and the comprehensive avoidance of classic continuity editing--of showing a master shot, then cutting in with medium shots and close ups--allows settings and tenses to shift inconstantly, then to return in modified form later in the film, according to the workings of three separate interior monologues.
According to them negri bodies are inconstantly present and may not be detectable in 20-50% of cases of rabies encephalitis.
In particular, she stated: "Our experience with the [penalty abatement] program to date has been that penalty abatement criteria is inconstantly applied, that some taxpayers get a better deal depending on what district they live in" (October 26, 1993).
In the case of Alfred Chester, the phenomenon of a writer inconstantly revived and available at a publisher's turn of mood but unjustly re-ignored, proves intriguing and provocative.
14) Nevertheless, the United Nations and the international system wield executive authority so infrequently and inconstantly that broad conclusions are not yet possible.