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Synonyms for inconstancy

unfaithfulness by virtue of being unreliable or treacherous

the quality of being changeable and variable

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As she thought less of his inebriety, she thought more of his inconstancy and presumption; and with fewer struggles for politeness, replied,
I want to imprint movement, inconstancy and trembling.
The only downside is the inconstancy with which photos are clicked.
Such inconstancy a and Putin's toughness a have been well-noted by America's Sunni Arab friends.
But no one can accuse McConnell of incompetence or inconstancy, and Senate leaders have been careful to keep Trump mostly out of this one: "The White House's strategy is to continue to let McConnell take the lead," the Washington Post recently reported.
Achilles--like Corradino--must confront the conflict of love over duty, for which the heroine accuses her lover of inconstancy.
Her present inconstancy to constitutional principles, which initially propelled her into office, leaves little wonder why she is currently struggling in her bid for reelection.
Despite the inconstancy, Zola has confirmed he is doing all he can to change the fortunes of his side.
It is thus the inconstancy of this trigger-happy population of investors (whose ranks include sophisticated institutional investors, they add) who are, by funding the value premium, providing the "tremendous opportunities" of excess return for rules-based value investors who can profit from their behavioral foibles.
Most of the increases have come about due to periodic inconstancy in the price of cotton rather than a broad basing of our exports to China.
This is not to say that there is an inconstancy to Easterling's unusual methods; on the contrary, Extrastatecraft marks her most explicit and synthetic statement yet about how to make sense of the complex contemporary phenomenon so often simplistically labeled "globalization.
The Darkside keeps this train of inconstancy on track.
History has taught the Kurds hard lessons about the inconstancy of international allies in the face of power politics.
Their intellectual limitations aside, both sets of "weak minds" share a tendency toward inconstancy and irresoluteness.
One hundred and fourteen pages and 356 footnotes are devoted to cataloging the inconstancy and perfidy of scores of Republicans who at least once, somewhere, sometime, committed an anti-Jeffersonian transgression.