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Synonyms for inconsiderable

Synonyms for inconsiderable

Antonyms for inconsiderable

too small or unimportant to merit attention


References in classic literature ?
The agitation which she had herself experienced on first learning her brother's engagement made her expect to raise no inconsiderable emotion in Mr.
Somewhat calmer, D'Artagnan made every preparation for the journey, and took the greatest care that the military household of the king, as yet very inconsiderable in numbers, should be well officered and well disciplined in its meager and limited proportions.
I myself am a layman, but I have given no inconsiderable attention to the divisions in the Church and--"
Perched on the rim of Michael's pannikin, this inconsiderable adventurer from out of the dark into the sun of life, a mere spark and mote between the darks, by a ruffing of his salmon-pink crest, a swift and enormous dilation of his bead-black pupils, and a raucous imperative cry, as of all the gods, in his throat, could make Michael give back and permit the fastidious selection of the choicest tidbits of his dish.
that I, who can wage war successfully with the hugest beasts, should perish myself from this spider, the most inconsiderable of insects
It is not much of a gulch--a mere depression between two wooded ridges of inconsiderable height.
The part that alcohol itself plays is inconsiderable when compared with the part played by the social atmosphere in which it is drunk.
Some ill-conditioned persons who sneer at the life-matrimonial, may perhaps suggest, in this place, that the good couple would be better likened to two principals in a sparring match, who, when fortune is low and backers scarce, will chivalrously set to, for the mere pleasure of the buffeting; and in one respect indeed this comparison would hold good; for, as the adventurous pair of the Fives' Court will afterwards send round a hat, and trust to the bounty of the lookers-on for the means of regaling themselves, so Mr Godfrey Nickleby and HIS partner, the honeymoon being over, looked out wistfully into the world, relying in no inconsiderable degree upon chance for the improvement of their means.
The guanaco is nearly the only warm-blooded quadruped, and it is found in quite inconsiderable numbers compared with the multitude of flies.
To say the truth, Mr Allworthy's situation had never been so bad as the great caution of the doctor had represented it: but as a wise general never despises his enemy, however inferior that enemy's force may be, so neither doth a wise physician ever despise a distemper, however inconsiderable.
With the exception of two or three inconsiderable clusters of cottages which they passed, without stopping, and one lonely road-side public-house where they had some bread and cheese, this highway had led them to nothing-- late in the afternoon--and still lengthened out, far in the distance, the same dull, tedious, winding course, that they had been pursuing all day.
0-litre twin-turbo V8 that in standard spec produces a not inconsiderable 560bhp.
However, should the council taxpayer be expected to pay for what is, in essence, a service to union members for which a not inconsiderable monthly membership fee is charged?
Swansea manager Monk is determined to protect their current eighth place in the Barclays Premier League as that would represent the club's best finish during their four seasons in the division, while the far from inconsiderable sum of PS1.
The win fund is already worth more than PS500,000 after five successive rollovers while the bonus pot stands at a not inconsiderable PS175,382.