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lacking consequence

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His mind then began to wander about the house, and he wondered whether there were other rooms like the drawing-room, and he thought, inconsequently, how beautiful the bathroom must be, and how leisurely it was--the life of these well-kept people, who were, no doubt, still sitting in the same room, only they had changed their clothes, and little Mr.
Then he somewhat inconsequently added: "He lives a very lonely life; he has had to do everything for himself.
Would it be better that He allowed us to continue sinning inconsequently and then took us to account altogether on the Day of Judgment?
Not inconsequently, many of those graduate students focused their dissertations and theses on Atlantic Canadian topics, thanks in large part to his strong relationship with counterparts at institutions such as UNB and Dalhousie University.
Rigmar Osterkamp, Presentation at the Western Economic Association Annual Conference: Why a Shortage of Kidneys Under an Inconsequently Altruistic System May Feed Itself (2006).
Eventually, Wade's interest in writing original music outweighed his desire to play covers, and perhaps not inconsequently, that's when his career began to accelerate.
Which seemed - completely inconsequently, I'm sure - just around the time that their relationship ended.