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the quality of disagreeing

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In turn, it reflected what was in effect the profoundly felt incongruousness of the reduction of the category of royal family member to a matter of party-political affiliation.
His earlier attempt to fight Scylla in all his warrior's regalia, which Circe had already flatly discouraged, and which had highlighted the incongruousness of his warrior impulse against an unconquerable monster, seems, if anything, even more improbable now, against an enemy that is not even there, whose body, to the extent that one may be posited, is part and parcel of the landscape itself, part of natural processes that obey a cycle outside of human reach.
"It really doesn't make sense to put textiles into concrete really." To overcome the seemingly incongruousness of the two materials, Morrow and Belford developed a patented process in which each component is specially engineered to bond to the other.
LCP participants also noted the incongruousness of the situation as a whole: here was an EU directive trying to control European water bodies (and those responsible for them) in a complex system in which it felt unlikely that such control could be gained.
Fortunately, the doctrine of common grace provides some hope that these problems of irrelevance or incongruousness can be resolved with something other than resignation.
But the real incongruousness of the subtitle doesn't become clear until midway through his studied, sometimes humorous, often maddening account.