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Synonyms for incongruent

made up of parts or qualities that are disparate or otherwise markedly lacking in consistency

Antonyms for incongruent

not congruent

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By exploring young people's literacy practices, my study contributes to informing debates regarding a perceived incongruence between the everyday literacy practices and college-assessed literacy practices of young people.
It is interesting to consider this perception as, following a microanalysis of the texts he engaged with, there emerged some incongruence between what he does at home and at college at the level of media, mode and genre of text.
Dubbed by the author as "the Incongruence Dilemma," this framework focuses on the importance of identity and its implications on security considerations of states.
While chapter six deals with responses of the Saudi and the Iranian states to counter ideological and territorial challenges raised by the identity incongruence, the seventh chapter addresses external dimensions of identity incongruence.
Harrie van den Bijgaart explained the significance of this collaboration: "Joint International Standards are important to prevent duplication of work in the development of standards and to avoid incongruences. That is what standardization is all about, reaching consensus between stakeholders in the broadest sense and documenting it."
Hunsche then shows how a porous "structure" or Gefuge pervades the entire layout of the text, whether in the unclear relationship between image and text, the coarse resolution of the images, the anachronistic and digressive narrative structures, or in myriad other "ungefugige Gefugheiten." Consequently, a Sebaldian poetics of interstitial space is seen to resist those acts of scholarly interpolation that, in polishing or otherwise glazing over the text's incongruences and "fiction of factuality," fail to subject what they take to be historical evidence to a critique as thoroughgoing as the one performed by the Sebaldian text.
In the process of his study, Gillihan notes contradictions, incongruences, and likely mis-translations throughout the Bible.
However, hardships and the timid winds of reform coming from above have opened the way for a study that finally unveils some of the incongruences of Cuba's planned economy--which sank after the collapse of the Soviet bloc two decades ago.