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Synonyms for inconclusive

Synonyms for inconclusive

Antonyms for inconclusive

not conclusive

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I haven't seen any other angles, so unfortunately it is inconclusive and you move on.
If serologic testing is inconclusive or there is evidence of recent infection with either Zika or dengue virus, patients should be clinically managed for both infections because they might have been infected with either virus.
"He told me the results were inconclusive and that was that - he was adamant that I was the thief.
What do you recommend as the billing code for patients with inconclusive viability--V23.87?
Summary: Future bloc MP Ahmad Fatfat Wednesday warned that the Army's crackdown on Islamist militants in Tripoli may be inconclusive and fighting could erupt again in the absence of an attempt to resolve the root causes of the violence.
ISLAMABAD -- The chairman Railways, Aftab Akbar has disclosed that Karachi's circular Railways (KCR) being planned in cooperation with Japan remained inconclusive, as yet.
At the opening of her inquest in Gravesend, Detective Chief Inspector Paul Fotheringham, examination was inconclusive, prompting further tests.
OCCUPIED SRINAGAR -- The fourth round of talks between the officials at the Kaman Post in occupied Kashmir's Baramulla district over the resumption of the trade ties remained inconclusive with Pakistan officials reiterating their demand for the release of their detained driver.
A similar study in Ghana produced inconclusive results.
The list includes Monsanto's 87705 high oleic acid soya (awaiting additional opinion from EFSA), GT73 rapeseed (Commission is drafting a decision), Syngenta's 3272 maize for bioethanol (Commission requested additional data after inconclusive opinion from EFSA), T304-40 cotton (a decision at the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health expected in October after a positive opinion from EFSA), 88913 cotton (Commission requested additional data after inconclusive opinion from EFSA), Monsanto 87708 soya tolerant to the herbicide dicamba (awaiting publication of EFSA's opinion), and various existing crops that contain antibiotic resistance marker (ARM) genes (Commission is considering the need for renewal decisions, or withdrawal).
A POST mortem examination on a pensioner who collapsed after rowing with a driver in a Birmingham car park has proved inconclusive.
Cardinals gathered in secret conclave failed twice on Wednesday morning to elect a new pope, as black smoke from the Sistine Chapel showed ballots on the first full day of voting were inconclusive.
South Africa: South Africa is recalling 500,000 HIV test kits it ordered from a South Korean company despite a World Health Organisation (WHO) warning over inconclusive results, the health ministry said Tuesday.
As Europe holds its breath before today's crucial vote in the Greek elections, central banks across the world were preparing themselves for turmoil in expectation of another inconclusive result - that could propel Greece out of the euro and spread market panic.