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the state of being impossible to conceive

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Contrary to a popular reading of his modal epistemology, Berkeley does not hold that inconceivability entails impossibility, and he cannot therefore argue the impossibility of mind-independent matter by appealing to facts about what we cannot conceive.
New York, SANA -- Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari described the Russian reading of the situation as an "accurate" one, citing Russian President Vladimir Putin's stress to the UN General Assembly on the inconceivability of fighting terrorism without coordination with the Syrian army.
The anxiety which Moure attempts to assuage is rooted not in any lack of political conscious or philosophical rigorousness on her part but, rather, in philosophical exigencies: in the inconceivability of bridging the gap between what Kant describes as moral philosophy and dynamical philosophy (108-09).
The inconceivability of such a policy is a mark not of any impracticability, but of the capture of governments by a financial oligarchy.
(33) The inconceivability of this ecstasy poses a rhetorical problem for Hervey, but despite this lacuna, he assures his readers that at the end of days, when body and soul reunite, they are ' both received by their compassionate Redeemer!': 'Ye are they that renounced Yourselves, and are complete in Me.
Yet demonstrating the endurance of an ideology is more easily accomplished than building an argument for the absolute inconceivability of a counter-ideology.
(2001) 'Radical worlds: the anthropology of incommensurability and inconceivability', Annual Review of Anthropology 30: 319-34.
Speaking for the Rainer Malkowski Prize jury, Albert von Schirnding stated: "Angela Krauss has created a body of work that does not fit into any of the commonly used rubrics of literary works: prose texts and poems of extraordinary poetic intensity and veracity, whose linguistic power transforms the difficult into the effortless, the pain into beauty." (47) What the publishing house Suhrkamp has noted about her most recent text, Im schonsten Fall (2011, The best-case scenario), encapsulates essential aspects of her literary endeavors: "With her 'unique blend of naivete of feeling and narrative sophistication' (Wolfgang Emmerich), Angela Krauss embraces the inconceivability of the world.
Povinelli, Elizabeth 2001 Radical Worlds: The Anthropology of Incommensurability and Inconceivability. Annual Review of Anthropology 30:319-34.
The inconceivability of French women doing this of their own volition helped fuel elaborate narratives of "white slavery," whose characters were helpless French women believed to be desired the world over and traffickers depicted in racialized ways not borne out by police statistics.
Beyond these clearings, longer and broader vistas emerge: the character of the disappearing local as the given route to the universal; the problem of practicing Christian charity and ancient contemplation in a world altogether determined by modern technology; the inconceivability of a politics that would respond to such problems.
Sabellianism, Adoptionism, Modalism, Arianism) had loomed the inconceivability of assigning the Son the same godly nature and status as held by the Father.
When, in accordance with their naive realism, the Stoics attempted to say what makes for an "adequate impression," they fell back on a simplistic correspondence theory of truth--the conformity of what is "inside" with what is "outside." That proto-phenomenologist and master critic of all forms of dogmatism, Sextus Empiricus--who believed that one ought to stick with what he called ta phainomena and avoid speculating as to what might be their non-appearing "causes"--had no trouble demonstrating the "inconceivability" of the Stoic epistemology (see, for instance, Outlines of Pyrrhonism II, 70ff).