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an inability to understand

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In a letter written to the novelist Mike Gold soon after Native Son was published, Wright already found himself protesting the incomprehension of his former allies: "Not to plunge into the complex jungle of human relationships .
Foster is excellent as the condescending intellectual but Bold's whining, bemused incomprehension can be annoying.
THE DECISION to axe Liverpool coastguard station was greeted with anger and incomprehension by workers at the base.
THE morning after the London bombings in 2005, distraught callers to This Morning were full of fear and incomprehension.
A comedy of cultural incomprehension like no other, it dives riskily deep into presumed stereotypes, then comes out the other end as an embracing act of near-impossible understanding.
It may be due to incomprehension or envy,but its cause is something else,not you.
In Art and Society, section I, part one, he develops this point of view--for Art in the widest sense of the word is the great bridge which crosses the gulf of mutual incomprehension that separates cultures.
despite my experience that the incomprehension and weight of prejudice which faces anyone trying to do anything new in writing is enormous, sometimes disquieting, occasionally laughable.
Jonathan Kerrigan played Paul in what seemed a near coma, wandering from one unbelievably sentimental moment to another, accompanied by several string quartets and an expression of blank incomprehension.
Like the Littleton parents we found no answers - only incomprehension that something so monstrous could happen in our ordinary little community.
An innocuous reading would be substituted - perhaps the one about the two sets of footprints on the beach(*) - and any suggestion that the new reading was unworthy of both the dead and the living would be met with wounded incomprehension and the charge of elitism.
But what was perhaps most politically interesting about the demonstration was precisely the evident incomprehension among the art-world crowd about what the issue was for the protesters - why they demand that the embargo on commerce with the island should extend to the cultural products of this inventive young man, whose imagery could even be read as profoundly sympathic with the boat people who risk their lives to escape the country the demonstrators see him as representing.
Sujata Bhatt knows what it means to talk about cultures, across vast and dizzying gulfs of incomprehension, to heads swollen with colonial, racial prejudices.
There is always pressure to think a certain way - and there are always blank faces of incomprehension if someone challenges assumed facts and assumed truths.
Her standards were chapel standards, couched in simple sayings, "Do as you would be done by", and in so many ways she was the embodiment of the Christian ethic; but I attended only because she wanted me to, often spending a good deal of my time daydreaming in a state of blank incomprehension since most of the services were in the Welsh language which I never spoke or understood, although I remember hymns to this day.