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an inability to understand

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His younger brother, five-year-old Omran Daqneesh, was pictured in the back of an ambulance after being pulled from the rubble, with an expression of incomprehension on his dust- and blood-caked face.
What is more alarming than the pandemic use and trade of illegal drugs in the Philippines is the seeming incomprehension by local and international observers,' Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said.
I have the same feeling of half-pitying, half-contemptuous incomprehension when I hear about technological innovators doing stuff JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN.
Thus when the "crash" came in 2007, not 2008, with the collapse of Northern Rock, Brown was paralysed by a mixture of disbelief and incomprehension, and did nothing to ameliorate the situation, which led to the implosion of autumn 2008.
In its statement, Al Azhar said "Daesh" terrorist group and its look-alikes suffer from incomprehension, mental disorders and gory misbehavior in breach of all laws, religious beliefs and humanitarian values.
It's edited for maximum incomprehension and the dialogue is atrocious.
He pointed out that a parliamentary majority consisting of four parties was a serious challenge, adding that it would take extensive talks and understanding to overcome the significant degree of incomprehension and unfamiliarity between the MPs.
Stating that football cannot be misused and degraded by 'arsonists', Blatter further said that he is overcome by incomprehension in such situations, adding that such 'grossly negligent behaviour' turn football matches from 'social occasions and a shared community experience to a platform for fanatics and pyromaniacs'.
There is total incomprehension," the CFDT said in a statement on Thursday.
It's that sort of bovine incomprehension that makes you realise what fun independence is going to be.
Bien sur", lui repond alors un jeune homme, juste avant que ne retentisse une puissante explosion, qui declenche panique et incomprehension chez Gulnara, et au passage les alarmes des voitures garees dans la rue.
Mais a cause d'une mauvaise application des directives du chef de l'executif, ou de leur incomprehension, l'attribution accuse un net retard a Oran qui a fait reagir le wali lors de la derniere reunion avec les chefs de daira et les directeurs concernes.
Le nouveau round de negociations, prevu ce 20 decembre a Bruxelles, serait-il le debut de la fin d'une incomprehension anachronique ?
Incomprehension and disgust are widespread in Brittany in the wake of the proposal, presented on 19 July by Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki, to phase out deep-sea trawling in the North-East Atlantic within two years.
A very young boy relates his experience of anger and incomprehension as his mother's physical presence, in particular her smell, fades from his life.