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The intractability of cultural differences is evident here in its departures from international filmmaking standards and the sheer incomprehensibility of certain practices and conventions.
Half jokingly, one might recite the cliche "two Jews, three opinions," but in the half of the meaning that is serious and implicit, Bachman ignites Yiddish Modernist poetry as the spark that might come closest to defining the term culture here: she suggests that to choose umfarshtandlekhkayt, incomprehensibility, is a worthy challenge that comes with the task of maintaining tradition while pushing it forward to fit its political era, its public spaces, immigration, and "individualistic expression" (81).
emphasizes the ultimate incomprehensibility of the divine and warns against holding God to any human standard of justice since "a 'politically correct' God risks becoming .
In making accessible the incomprehensibility of astronomical concepts regarding gravity, space, and time, the viewer is placed within the equation, rendering such circumstances relatable to every facet of our daily experience.
In Molecular Ware plates imprinted with the molecular formula for Paxil, Cymbalta and Zoloft potentially incite a number of initial reactions ranging from incomprehensibility (How many people actually know the molecular formula for Paxil?
9) This humility becomes invaluable in interreligious dialogue and facilitates an awareness of the ultimate incomprehensibility of the religious other.
The Gothic symbolism of the bog is used to highlight the strangeness, incomprehensibility, or instability of Ireland to English eyes, and represents its impoverished economic state (Chapter 1).
While the archaic usage arises out of certain inertia amongst lawyers, draftsmen and sundry others, it also creates a wall of incomprehensibility for the layperson.
It is an impression that makes the incomprehensible familiar, and if one of the tasks of the modernist was to make the familiar strange, then one of Ford's tasks in his rendering of the incomprehensibility of the First World War is to make the impossible comprehensible.
My heart leapt up when I beheld the likes of inappropriateness (17 letters) incomprehensibility (19 letters), and the 22-letter counterrevolutionaries and deinstitutionalization.
While Protestant discourse claimed that such Latin utterances stripped God's Word of meaning for most lay worshippers, the "alternative history" of mumbling shows that for many, the incomprehensibility of Latin paradoxically made prayer a more private and inward experience.
Thus we have malice and evil intent, weakness of will and foolishness, self-deception, negligence, gullibility, self-obsession, pride and vanity, vacillation, ruthlessness, blinkeredness, willfulness, naivete, irrationality, perversity, madness, dreaminess, dithering, mental blanks, and sheer incomprehensibility.
But it is also a map, or anti-map, its incomprehensibility figuring the dark mysteries of global capital, the matrix of invisible power in which the postmodern subject feels itself to be helplessly enmeshed.
Two especially consequential ideologies, which I found convincing proof for during my data analysis and which I have subsequently named, are the ideology of incomprehensibility and the identitarian ideology.