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Synonyms for incompetency

Synonyms for incompetency

lack of physical or intellectual ability or qualifications


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In a recent meeting, the reinstatement of Khattak and Amin was also discussed with both being removed on grounds of incompetency.
How to Work for an Idiot: Survive & Thrive Without Killing Your Boss has been revised and expanded to include more information on leadership incompetency and how to overcome it, and provides an assertive program to dealing with a common problem.
Tenders are invited for provide private investigator services, investigate matters involving alleged instances of fraud, negligence, incompetency, misrepresentation, misconduct or institutional abuse, maintain records and files relevant to investigatory activities matters concerning facts.
People are killed by terrorists but the incompetency of government authorities is worse.
Summary: Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi said Thursday that officials would work on temporarily keeping the Emile Bitar Hospital in Batroun under the management of the National Social Security Fund given the current legal and financial incompetency preventing the Health Ministry from taking charge.
v Nguyen [2015]) NCA 278 has decided that the spousal incompetency rule, which forbids spouses to be compelled to testify against each other, and spousal privilege, does not extend to common-law couples [1].
The living will authorizes medical professionals to terminate life-sustaining treatment in the event of incompetency coupled with a terminal illness.
The incompetency lies fairly and squarely at the door of the Health Board's Executives and the Minister himself.
Lavrov said that outside pressure is being put on current Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski for not agreeing to follow Western-backed sanctions against Russia and is being blamed for incompetency, Sputnik reported.
Chris Egan said: "The guys responsible for not securing a sponsor for the last couple of years should not be in a job - at best it's gross incompetency.
Altering light levels and color to copy natural daylight to fool customers about the time spent in the store is crafty, but staff could sabotage these nefarious instructions, due to laziness, carelessness, incompetency or considering the action wrong.
Habiba Danish, a lawmaker from Takhar province, told Pajhwok Afghan News the draft law on municipalities and the fire incident were important to be discussed but the general session did not take place due to incompetency of the administrative board.
The local cadre and the councilors have already started a door-to-door campaign in the city, asking people about issues concerning them, highlighting the achievements of the Sheila Dikshit led-Delhi government and emphasizing on the incompetency of the P 49-day rule, wherein Arvind Kejriwal failed to keep up even a single promise that he made," Congress spokesperson, Mukesh Sharma said.
It's about "suits" on six-figure salaries blowing millions of pounds on gagging whistleblowers who want to tell us exactly what is wrong with the NHS - the incompetency, the failures, the shocking standards of care - but who are sacked and hounded out of their professions if they do.
The Abbottabad Commission report had earlier revealed the incompetency of the Pakistan government to track the hide-out of the world's most wanted militant, bin Laden.