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Synonyms for incompetency

Synonyms for incompetency

lack of physical or intellectual ability or qualifications


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He said the incompetency of the government is dangerous for the country.
Now the government has planned to set another record of incompetency by selling state-owned units in haste which include profitable institutions as well as the regulators, he observed.
The Abbottabad Commission report had earlier revealed the incompetency of Pakistan government to track the hide-out of bin Laden.
Mr Gul alleged that the 30 per cent funds meant for the year 2018-19 lapsed owing to the incompetency and differences among the members of the council.
Saeed Ghani said that it was the incompetency on part of the Federal Government that it could not anticipate the malice of India that it could release water into our rivers without any prior warning.
The country was facing flood like situation owing to the incompetency and inefficiency of the PTI government, he added.
'Balochistan again under grip of violence and terrorism but provincial government busy in portfolio changes and transfer/postings.' Rehmat Baloch and Haji Islam said added an innocent man shot dead in Panjgur but administration foiled arresting the killers which shows the incompetency of provincial government.
He has further said that no negligence or incompetency would be tolerated in this regard and no excuse would be accepted in this regard.
Shrestha has also expressed deep dissatisfaction over the summoning of Chines Ambassador to Nepal by Energy Minister Barshman Pun to inquire the status and root cause of incompetency of a Chinese company engaged in a hydro power project in Nepal.
He said provinces were becoming bankrupt due to the incompetency of the federation.
One of the most noticeable reasons for students' failure according to research, is the incompetency of teachers.
'If this is the state of economy in 10 months, what will happen in five years?' He said that the dire economic situation was the result of the incompetency of rulers.
This shows the incompetency that he is giving the name of national players as 'Ralu kata ' .
Summary: Patna (Bihar) [India], June 14 (ANI): Days after he took a dig at Home Minister Amit Shah, Janata Dal (U) Bihar unit spokesperson Ajay Alok on Thursday announced to step down from his post citing "incompetency for the job".
Speaking in the House of Lords, Lady McDonagh said: "I understand some incompetency is involved in this...