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Synonyms for incompetency

Synonyms for incompetency

lack of physical or intellectual ability or qualifications


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Pakistani collective failures, incompetency and negligence allowed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to live in the country undetected for more than nine years, a leaked report has revealed.
The lowest turnout ever in national elections is staggering incompetency even by his abysmal standards.
Al-Bashir accused the ex-governor of incompetency, saying he had appointed too many people to constitutional positions, over 70 officials, thus creating a base of supporters who were responsible for igniting the violence.
Part 111 discusses the incompetency claims of Panetti, Overstreet, and Irick, and critiques how various lower courts have applied the Panetti requirement of a "rational understanding" of execution.
Consultant cardiologist Sisiresh Chakrabarty has stayed on the payroll since November 2005 as hospital bosses investigate claims of his incompetency.
This recession was caused by events in recent years, and the failure to control and react to them by Gordon Brown, who we were repeatedly told was a economic guru, was damning in its incompetency.
Jeffries' office said the assemblyman contacted Corcoran CEO Pamela Liebman April 25 about the practice, citing a New York State Real Property Law that allows the Secretary of State to sanction a real estate broker "if such licensee has been guilty of fraud or fraudulent practices, or for dishonest or misleading advertising, or had demonstrated untrustworthiness or incompetency to act as a real estate broker or salesman," the law states.
Following an overview of legal history, principles, terms, and client representation, subsequent sections address community-based mental health care, incompetency determination, federal and state disability discrimination issues, entitlement programs, the legal concerns of mental health professionals, commitment rights of those being increasingly "dumped" into the criminal justice system, and expert evidence and testimony in such cases.
MAN OF THE MATCH: Andy Carroll CHRIS DICKSON IT'S easy to blame officials when things go wrong but refereeing incompetency cost us our place in the cup.
It has been obvious, since concept, that the aspirations of the previous mayor were unsustainable, and your own report in the same edition reflects just how much financial incompetency has arisen due to the vacuous Labour Party grandstanding fancy ideas without having the intelligence to effectively cost and then supervise their grandiose schemes.
The incompetency of the constabulary only came to light earlier this year when the complainant, referred to as Ms X by the IPCC, appeared as a witness in a court case concerning an entirely different allegation of rape.
For me it was in direct contrast to the many reports of mismanagement, incompetency and uncleanliness.
The internal constraints include, among others, "a lack of sufficient reason" (caused, for example, by drug use, mental incompetency, or psychological disorders) and "a grave lack of discretion.
The Supreme Court established the following as the test of mental incompetency in Florida for contract matters: "The sole question is whether [the alleged incompetent], at the time he executed the deed, ha[d] sufficient intelligence to understand fully the nature and effect of the transaction.
The reason is, conscious or unconscious, cultural incompetency is pervasive in today's society; our profession can give cultural mores, considerations, and concerns the attention they deserve--with just as much importance as appropriate gear, route selection, medical certifications, and similar program and administrative protocols.