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Synonyms for incompetency

Synonyms for incompetency

lack of physical or intellectual ability or qualifications


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To summarize the content of the core competencies and incompetencies for each firm, passages from each of the 80 interviews that reflected both were written out onto separate coding sheets.(3) I also wrote out any descriptions of how the rules were either violated or followed for this project, and why.
Table 2 summarizes the core competencies and incompetencies for each firm that are relevant to new product development.
To verify that the key relationships noted in the analysis existed across the data, I coded each interview for whether or not the incompetencies were violated.
COMPCO's core competencies of customer appreciation, chemical alchemy, and master mixology had also been reified into core incompetencies over the years.
Working on the basis of these core incompetencies in place of the more complex, rich core competencies was okay as long as the marketplace remained stable, since it facilitated rapid reaction and was easy to pass along to succeeding generations of COMPCO people.
Note that the team fell quite easily into COMPCO's core incompetencies.
The core incompetencies got in the way when they tried volume production.
In addition, HOTPOLY developers deliberately excavated beneath COMPCO's incompetencies to get to the core competencies.