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The incomparably precious lives of our sons should be risked--or given--only in defense of our nation, its Constitution, and its independence.
Hanging between a set of exercise rings, wearing only a cutaway leotard, Liz was doing what Liz does incomparably well - shocking people.
His uncle mildly -- and often in Latin -- chides the boy, but incomparably less severely than, in Miss Stark's view, Peeping Toms should be scolded, especially boys with sacerdotal aspirations.
Despite propaganda about the spread of the disease to other groups in society, homosexuals are at an incomparably greater risk.
The cars we drive are incomparably superior to a crank-starting, bumpy-riding Model T.
Host Michael Parkinson, said: "It is not just that the BBC is the best, it is incomparably the best and there is nothing within spitting distance of it."
Their IV Administration sets are manufactured under extreme guidance of experienced staffs incomparably keening at persuading supreme quality products.
from Bristol Airport July 5, August 30, September 6, 13, 20, October 25, eight days from pounds 549 Prague is one of Europe's most incomparably beautiful cities, miraculously undamaged throughout the last turbulent centuries and divided into two distinct parts by the River Vltava.
In expression this is incomparably less momentous music than the Tchaikovsky Trio.
Yet our parasite society is incomparably better off than the dying industrial one of the early '80s.
He said: ``An ideal location, incomparably good weather and my friend Twm Morys winning the Eisteddfod chair.
"I think it is extraordinary that Ken Clarke is not a leading member of the Tory front bench, incomparably the biggest personality around in the context.