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Synonyms for incomparable

Synonyms for incomparable

Synonyms for incomparable

such that comparison is impossible


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It is also of interest to future research, the application and development of these criteria to improve the mechanisms for reducing the incomparability of data in interpersonal contexts.
Incomparability is difference without superiority--and hence also without inferiority.
The main advantage of using PROMETHEE methods is that they can deal with qualitative and quantitative data simultaneously, and have the ability to avoid incomparability. Another advantage of PROMETHEE is its ability to deal with uncertain and fuzzy information.
(273) See Elizabeth Anderson, Practical Reason and Incommensurable Goods, in INCOMMENSURABILITY, INCOMPARABILITY, AND PRACTICAL REASON, supra note 267, at 90, 91-95.
(236.) See Elijah Millgram, Incommensurability and Practical Reasoning, in Incommensurability, Incomparability, and Practical Reason 151 (Ruth Chang ed., 1997) (focusing on individual decision-making under circumstances of incommensurability); Joseph Raz, Incommensurability and Agency, in Incommensurability, Incomparability, And Practical Reason, supra, at 110 (arguing that choice, not rationality, governs the selection among incommensurables); Charles Taylor, Leading a Life, in INCOMMENSURABILITY, INCOMP ARABILITY, AND PRACTICAL Reason, supra, at 170, 183 (arguing that justified choice among incomparables can be made by analyzing how the competing goods fit within the "shape" of a person's life).
We know that the incomparability occurs only when x [member of] FN and y [member of] [0,1] see ref.
(252) Finnis, supra note 250, at 111-18; Elizabeth Anderson, Practical Reason and Incommensurable Goods, in Incommensurability, Incomparability, and Practical Reason, supra note 249, at 90, 90-91; Cass R.
To address any potential concerns about incomparability, we controlled for, in X, observable differences in person characteristics between states with and without the policy changes, discussed above.
"That steadfastness in the face of persecution might be a means of proving the incomparability of Catholic truth is an idea which inspires The Wreck of the Deutschland" (436) and even governs its verbal patterning, as Dubois shows through a careful analysis of the poem.
She accomplishes this by resisting any effort by Leontes or the other nobles to forget the incomparability of Hermione.
Thus Russians assert that the Red Army liberated the Baltic of Nazi tyranny, and Jews insist on the incomparability of the Holocaust.
This is not the aim of this paper, though the possible incomparability of onomastic and literary material in dialect studies means that Kristensson's survey, as the sole national survey of ME dialects from onomastic data, is the only one of its kind.
To judge that this urinal is art, in spite of the feeling it elicits of an absolute incomparability with all pre-1917 art, is to make the one aesthetic judgment needed to properly acknowledge receipt of Duchamp's message.
The synthetic matching method and DID analysis combined appropriately dealt with the incomparability between the control and treatment groups for the first time on this question.
Fuzziness and incomparability are two kinds of uncertainties often associated with human's intelligent activities in the real word, and they exist not only in the processed object itself, but also in the course of the object being dealt with.