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Agee acknowledges that such particularity is not to be captured in any final way inside the pages of a book, but he insists that at least it be recognized: All that each person is, and experiences, and shall never experience, in body and in mind, all these things are differing expressions of himself and of one root, and are identical: and not one of these things nor one of these persons is ever quite to be duplicated, nor replaced, nor has it ever quite had precedent: but each is a new and incommunicably tender life, wounded in every breath, and almost as hardly killed as easily wounded: sustaining, for a while, without defense, the enormous assaults of the universe.
each is a new and incommunicably tender life." This is a core insistence of my heresy as well.
It is because the first person, as we saw, has in his essence something incommunicably, unrepeatably his own that his essence constitutes him as this individual.(25)