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not corresponding in size or degree or extent

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Despite the possibility of reduction of an incommensurate penalty
Head of the Committee MP Khalid Hiyari (Balqa governorate/First Constituency) said the committee had held several meetings and maintained equal distance from all stakeholders, however, "the government's position was incommensurate with the reality of the most significant dilemmas facing the agricultural sector".
Chapter 9 considers whether different languages yield incommensurate bodies of thought (Sapir-Whorf hypothesis).
"This absurd war…has only resulted in the destruction of the country and the incommensurate suffering of its people, who are being punished as part of a futile military campaign by both sides," McGoldrick added.
One might say that Hammick is an ironical dialectician: He persuades incommensurate forms to relate but not integrate, as though magnetically attracted to each other but unable to reconcile.
As a result, the impact on the activity of these SMEs is incommensurate in view of the difficulties they face in raising resources to support their growth.
In this framework, each new level of emergence is initially in a state of non-order (chaos) and undergoes a transition into a more ordered state; disorder results if there are competing, incommensurate domains.
Aliev, "X-ray investigation of incommensurate phase in [beta]-TlIn[S.sub.2] crystals," Solid State Physics, vol.
Moreover, a major problem surrounds the archaeological data from steppe cultures on the burial of weapons with elite women or even the evidence for their deaths from wounds made by weapons, inasmuch as it seems incommensurate with the phenomenon of Greek literary or aesthetic amazonianism.
We have tried over the last several columns to offer the idea that there is not a single answer to the question, "What is the joint logistics enterprise (JLEnt)?" The JLEnt is perceived best through a number of different, sometimes incommensurate lenses.
Colonel) Kartikeyan Rao and Subedar Ravinder Singh is incommensurate, inadequate and, therefore, not in proportion to the gravity of the acts of omission they were held guilty of, the bench said.
Spending per pupil isn't keeping pace with inflation, class sizes are rising and the workload is immense - incommensurate with average PS34,600 a year salaries for teachers in the classroom.
Two years into the five-year contract that the Department of Tourism has signed with Madrid Fusion to hold a spin-off event in Manila, a significant number of people continue to be baffled as to what is actually going on, and also why it is given the incommensurate amount of coverage that it receives in the press and on social media.
Small moments of grace occur--when the author observes the innocence of children, say, or tells of people convinced that life has meaning despite the terror around them-yet they seem incommensurate with the violence that Covington encounters.