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impossible to measure or compare in value or size or excellence

not having a common factor

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The essence of education easily remains blurred as key concepts are either undefined or incommensurably defined by different epistemic communities or administrative entities.
Traditional Chinese narrative literature was generally created by Confucian literati whose "intent or aspiration" (zhi), "literary sentiment" (qing), and "intellectual talent" (cai) might be incommensurably different from other traditions or civilizations.
So it had these incommensurabilities, or the coexistence of incommensurably different kinds of art in the world.
My point is to remain critically cognizant of the ways in which I privilege the middle passage and how that privileging might function as a historical gap for black people who nevertheless see themselves as black and yet whose experiences are shaped differently, though not incommensurably vis-a-vis other black people who contend with anti-black racism.
Unlike dualism, this philosophy is not saddled with explaining how incommensurably different realities (i.e., mind and matter) can interact, and unlike, materialism it does not dismiss or ignore the obviousness of first-person experiences of conscious activity.
(36) The foundational affirmation of Faith in God--that Love is the source of all things--represents a promise to the human person that our lives are worth living, that we are incommensurably valuable, and that, in spite of all our sins and failings, God is on our side, and we are not alone.
Second, they concluded that, far from being amenable to civilizing reforms, traditional societies were incommensurably different from modern, European ones.
But Jameson's reference to the comparatively "radical" otherness of the colonized also strongly implies that the repression protected Europeans from worrying that their economic fortunes depended on peoples they considered incommensurably different (49-50).
Instead, "Islam" denotes a multiplicity of incommensurably different things ("Islam is not a monolith") and "the West" denotes an equally vague grab-bag of free-floating and feel-good associations.
Deftly using unstudied records in the Gonzaga archives, in this splendid study Grendler sketches the story of a close relationship between power (exemplified by the ruling dukes, the Gonzaga) and church (exemplified by the Jesuits, who had been running universities in Northern Europe, but not in Italy), between illuminated aristocrats and higher education, and ultimately between a dream and the harsh, indeed incommensurably harsh reality brought to the fore by a ruinous war and the public health catastrophe that it engendered.
Practical experience proves that reaction costs in the execution phase with expected loss are usually incommensurably higher than additional cost of risk and alternative analysis during the planning phase.
Those observations denote incommensurably higher mercury exposure than what is reported here.
However, one can hardly deny that--in contrast to Russian literature, music, and, to a certain extent, painting--throughout its existence Russian philosophy, Russian thought, has influenced its Western counterpart incommensurably less than Western thought has influenced Russian.