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impossible to measure or compare in value or size or excellence

not having a common factor

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Both the location and the habit of walking barefoot to the boundaries of the village before putting on her shoes declare her indigenous 'otherness', most particularly in her desire for the dance which, in Dancing at Lughnasa, Friel described as being 'about the necessity for paganism', (39) paganism or, by extension, in the series of binaries through which Ireland was constituted in colonial discourse, that which is indigenous, incommensurable. The pressing psychic need to honour the incommensurable elements is also the central theme of Translations: a reading of the play which accords with the analyses derived from Joe Cleary and Neil Lazarus, namely that the central issue in postcolonial theory is about the integration of societies into a world capitalist system.
Not only are different modes of activity incommensurable in their goodness, they also cannot be combined in one human life.
In this respect, LaBas's interaction with the loas, an operation that opens up or stretches out the space of the quotidian, directly conflicts with the Atonist desire to convert the incommensurable space of the metaphysical into a str iated space that can be policed and categorized.
He then examines the ways in which decisions preferring the realization of one incommensurable benefit over another can be made in a manner that is not irrational.
C'est d'ailleurs dans le cadre de cette incommensurable salle de classe que Gisele acquiert tres vite un souci du detail scientifique qu'elle soumet ensuite au faisceau dune vision artistique particuliere.
Gavin Keeney's theoretical section 'the language of the world' with chapter headings such as 'measuring the incommensurable', 'outside the paradigmatic' proved hard reading.
Judges routinely seek to accomplish the impossible--to commensurate incommensurable values.
Working within ordinary-language philosophy in the tradition of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Locker presents paradoxical images as vehicles for communicating incommensurable truths.
Rawaa Nancy Albilal, president and chief executive of the Support Center, said that travel loans put refugee families under incommensurable stress.
This section attempts to explain the value of money in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and despite the well-known historians' problem that financial values are incommensurable across centuries, Milhous and Hume succeed in making the essential economic realities intelligible to a modern readership.
The promise is obvious: the freedom for people to try to shape, outside of the predeterminations of a single belief system or social structure, who they become, and to be recognized as that unique and incommensurable person by others.
If the two forms of welfare are not commensurable, then they are incommensurable. Incommensurability is incomparability with a vengeance.
Jacques Ranciere conceives of the political situation as a paradoxical "disagreement" between two incommensurable ways of investing and configuring the sensible--a consensual police logic and a dissensual democratic logic.
For the Cultural relativists, Islamic law and international human rights law reflect different systems of values and thus represent incommensurable approaches to human rights and dignity.
Central to the Ideological Surround Model (ISM) of psychology and religion is the postmodern claim that religions and social sciences operate as incommensurable social rationalities (Watson, 1993, 2011, 2014; Ghorbani, Watson, Saeedi, Chen, & Silver, 2012).