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Under the law, it is legally binding on every citizen of the country to file income tax return by September 30 every year provided he has a taxable annual income of Rs400,000 or more.
The training workshop was conducted following a meeting earlier on between Member FATE FBR, Nausheen Javaid Amjad and FCC's Managing Director and Chief Executive Lt-Gen Shafqaat Ahmed (retd) as part of FBR's outreach programme for creating awareness and understanding of tax obligations about filing of Income Tax returns.
This is another fact which will encourage a start-up to e-file income tax return.
Filing international information returns with an original, but untimely, federal income tax return: Forms 5471, 5472, and 8865 are to be filed with the taxpayer's federal income tax return on or before the due date of the return, including extensions (Regs.
The official sources also informed that the FBR has also reduced the income tax return filing period from September 30, 2010 to one-month ahead by August 31, 2010 for employers' annual statement and taxpayers for whom the filing of income tax return through e-portal is mandatory.
For each of the 80 individuals, the preparer has filed one individual personal income tax return (Form IT-201 or IT-203), for a total of 80.
To receive the rebate, the service member must: (i) show at least $3,000 in qualifying income (earned income, combat zone pay, Social Security benefits or Veterans Affairs benefits) on their tax return; (ii) file their 2007 federal income tax return on or before Oct.
Corporations with assets of $50 million or more that file at least 250 returns annually are required to electronically file 1120/1120S income tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax years ending on or after Dec.
What began as an experiment in 1999 by the Chilean government to gauge the response to electronic income tax returns is now part of an effort to make all tax transactions, including income-tax returns, go online.
The income tax deduction can be spread over six tax years and, in the majority of cases, may be applied to the property owner's federal and state income tax returns.
An executor's fear that a small checking account might be considered a violation triggering ongoing income tax return filings appears to be unfounded.
The TRPs are self employed graduates who are trained by the Income Tax Department for filing of Income Tax Returns as well as quarterly TDS statements.
Business fliers should attach Form 8913 to their regular 2006 income tax returns; exempt organizations must attach it to Form 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return.
An original return is any personal income tax return that is filed, without regard to extensions, during the calendar year.