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The Tax Department also said that members of the public may also visit its district offices where there are computers that can be used to submit income tax returns.
E-filing income tax return can help your start-up achieve structure and growth as well as represent the genuineness of your company.
Taxpayers that meet the requirements should file the delinquent information returns with an amended income tax return and attach a statement of all facts establishing reasonable cause for the failure to timely file the international information returns.
In the head of personal expenses, the individual taxpayers would be required to fill their income tax return forms' details of expenditures of their electricity consumption, expenditures incurred upon payment of telephone, mobile phone and internet bill, amount of gas bills paid, house rent paid, expenses incurred on education of children, spouse and self, expenditures on foreign air travel, expenditures of local air travel, fees paid on membership of clubs, expenditures on fuel of motor vehicles, amounts spent on repair of vehicles or house and salaries paid to drivers or servants.
For tax year 2008 returns filed in calendar year 2009, under the Article 22 mandate, the DTF is adding partnership returns and partnership extensions (Forms IT-204, IT-204-LL, and IT-370-PF) to the list of personal income tax returns and extensions that must be e-filed, unless the taxpayer opts out.
Corporations that plan to use a tax professional to prepare their electronic income tax returns should ensure the professionals are IRS-authorized e-file providers.
In return, Preservation Easement Trust provides a completed IRS Form 8283 that the easement donor attaches to the income tax return for the year in which the conservation easement is contributed and a deduction is first claimed.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Board of Revenue has urged the peoples to file their income tax returns at the earliest to take advantage of numerous facilities offered by the government for active tax payers.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched an application enabling taxpayers to file Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement without using the internet to resolve the connectivity issue quite often faced by the filers, says an FBR press release.
In a disclosure that confirms the hollowness of tax base, the number of income tax return filers from all main sectors of the economy has contracted in the past five years and the only exception is the salaried class.
Business fliers should attach Form 8913 to their regular 2006 income tax returns; exempt organizations must attach it to Form 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return.
An original return is any personal income tax return that is filed, without regard to extensions, during the calendar year.
The IRS rejected the claim, arguing the estate should deduct the interest on its income tax return.
The estate had a significant capital loss, which would be available to the heirs when the estate filed its final income tax return. The CPA requested clarification of the proper timing for closing of the estate.