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a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific period

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The gain is recognized in earnings on the same line of the income statement as the foreign currency exchange loss on the underlying foreign currency denominated payable.
A comparative income statement compares each line item for the current month to (1) the performance over the past three months, (2) the same period a year ago, and (3) the corresponding line item on the budget.
dollar income statement for the first quarter ended March 31,2015, of a company's European operations prepared according to Topic 830 is appropriate for financial reporting purposes (see the chart "European Operations P&L Translated Into Dollars").
The income statement is commonly referred to as a "profit and loss statement" or "P & L" A company's income statement is a record of revenue and expense over a period of time.
At this point, the total revenue shown in column D of Bob's Contribution Margin Income Statement (Figure 1 in this article) should match total revenue in the Sales Budget (Figure 4, February 2010).
The current paper focuses on incentives to disclose a balance sheet and/or an income statement. Barton and Waymire [2004] concentrated primarily on overall financial-reporting quality but did report weak results in explaining balance-sheet transparency.
The following example illustrates why we account for deferred tax and shows its effect on the income statement. Imagine that firm X has accounting profits of 500,000 [pounds sterling] in each of its first four years.
109 consequences of specific components of the corporate tax return into a tax course is the opportunity to have the students take an income statement and convert it into a tax return, after which they can calculate the company's tax provision and prepare its Schedule M-3 reconciliation in Form 1120.
In sharp contrast to the pre-bubble era, today most mid- and large-cap companies include a complete cash flow statement and full balance sheet in their quarterly earnings announcement as a supplement to the income statement.
Healthy ecosystems that sustain all life, species, structure, and age class diversity, clear streams, stable global climate, and beautiful views, of course, don't figure for much in this "income statement" approach to forestland investing and management.
Underwriting and Investment Exhibit is a form of income statement that summarizes the profit or loss of the company as a whole, including investment results.
No better book has been published for non-accountants than Robert Follett's older How To Keep Score In Business: Accounting And Financial Analysis For The Non-Accountant: here's a simple guide which tells all the basics: how to understand a balance sheet, how to understand an income statement, how to decipher the 'return on investment' figures.
The FASB will delay by six months the effective date for public and nonpublic companies to implement Statement 123R, its proposed standard that would require companies to expense the value of employee stock options in the income statement.