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As to your rank, an annual income of 50,000 livres will enable you to support it admirably.
She was busily searching through the neighbourhood for a proper situation for her daughter, and, without knowing of considering what their income might be, rejected many as deficient in size and importance.
Having married on a narrower income than she had been used to look forward to, she had, from the first, fancied a very strict line of economy necessary; and what was begun as a matter of prudence, soon grew into a matter of choice, as an object of that needful solicitude which there were no children to supply.
I am sure of a good income of my own; and if she had not a penny, why, so much the better.
His income would be reduced by three fourths, but he felt it must be done.
He had a partner, he said, who was strong and determined, and they had presents, to get which he had mortgaged the last penny of his income.
Think of Annabella, think of the family, think of the fifty pounds--an income, a year's income to a prudent man.
But for my mother's little income (settled on her at her marriage) we should both have been left helpless at the mercy of the world.
About ten years ago Rockefeller's income was given as thirty millions by an excellent authority.
It proved to be a great aggravation of Hester's offenses, in the eyes of Hester's relatives, when it was discovered that she possessed a life-interest in Salt Patch, and an income of two hundred a year.
My allowance was rigidly computed on a scale based upon the absolute necessaries of life, and I was obliged to produce my certificate of attendance at the Ecole de Medecine before I was allowed to draw my quarter's income.
He had lost the best part of his income by the evidence of his wife, and yet was daily upbraided by her for having, among other things, been the occasion of depriving her of that benefit; but such was his fortune, and he was obliged to submit to it.
Well, isn't the most civilized thing going, the man who has learnt to wear his income properly?
The novelist, it has been said before, knows everything, and as I am in a situation to be able to tell the public how Crawley and his wife lived without any income, may I entreat the public newspapers which are in the habit of extracting portions of the various periodical works now published not to reprint the following exact narrative and calculations--of which I ought, as the discoverer (and at some expense, too), to have the benefit?
His father's immense property, which alone yielded a yearly income of two hundred thousand, was left undivided between the brothers.