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Synonyms for incombustible

not capable of igniting and burning

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"As soon as the building is higher than the fire fighters' ladders, it has to be conceived with an incombustible material," the brochure says.
New machine techniques and technologies, interesting products and spectacular visions of the future: During four days of Techtextil, international visitors crowded the fairground to discover high-tech textiles used in applications like foldable textile floodlights, smart knee braces, warming or cooling fashion and clothes with integrated LED lights, incombustible fibres, bicycle frames made from carbon fibre and textile membranes for stadium roofs.
Objetos que en apariencia viven en mundos totalmente ajenos y que a traves de las manos de este artista incombustible e inclasificable pese a su formalismo, se ensamblan de manera armoniosa.
An incombustible material shows a total calorific value of less than 8 MJ/[m.sup.2] for 20 min after heating and a maximum heat release rate of less than 200kW/[m.sup.2] for 10 s continuously.
Carbon dioxide being an incombustible gas, its capture improves the quality of product gas and reduces emission.
Ambas interpretaciones son posibles, porque la cruz de Toccalino procede de modo inverso o la concepcion original del relato historico: su cruz no es un emblema grandilocuente de madera incombustible, sino un precario simbolo construido con elementos de limpieza hogarena.
If they take them out the following morning in frigid conditions, condensation can cause moisture to form inside the barrel and be absorbed by the powder, rendering it incombustible. Modern in-line muzzle-loaders, however, have to a great extent eliminated the problem of rain ruining a shot.
Lo que se hace en la practica es retirarlo de la mina, o mezclar el polvo de carbon con otro polvo incombustible o con agua de tal forma que lo neutralice o lo inertice.
Ash Glazes: Ash can be described as the incombustible dusted residue of burned organic materials or incombustible elements of a burned substance.
[53] have synthesized poly(PMT)/MCNT; PMT/CNT is used as the cathode while incombustible 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate (EMIB[F.sub.4]) and LiB[F.sub.4] make up the ionic liquid electrolyte.
Since the nontoxic, incombustible snow is made of recycled liquid carbon dioxide, CO2 snow blasting is an environmentally sound process.