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not capable of igniting and burning

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In this study, the incombustibility of the PCM was in the following order: SBR < VVA < EVA.
Its advantages are embodied in its thermal-physics properties such as extremely high latent heat and thermal conductivity and low viscosity, as well as its nontoxicity and incombustibility. The relational theorem and thermal performance of vapour chamber based on the systematic dimensional analysis of the [F.L.T.[theta].] in Buckingham [PI] Theorem derive empirical formula of the effective thermal conductivity as [13, 18].
Indeed, its basic incombustibility has been exhibited over and over again in criminal cases in which the most determined efforts to destroy an inconvenient corpse by fire have repeatedly failed.
Not only is it easily available, it also possesses features like pliability, incombustibility and durability.