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(often followed by 'of') not aware

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If certain controls are not put in place, this can lead to abuse by incognizant end users.
[T]he Soul [...] loves nothing so well as to soar in those regions of illimitable intuition which are utterly incognizant of "path." (Poe 1848: 18; 1976: 219)
They seem to be incognizant of the harmful effects of sun exposure.
This can scarcely be overemphasized, for it helps elevate Swinburne from the status of a mere dandy, basking in art-induced highs while blissfully incognizant of societal dilemmas, and makes him instead a poet--and critic--with an ambitious cultural and political agenda.
Of course they can customize it on their own; we brought automated suggestion for completely incognizant person to help them get the best of trip planning.”
The main reason for more losses in Pakistan might be related to incognizant growers about the presence of nematodes and the damage they cause.
Note the similar slippage from "I" into "we" that he contrives by snuggling up close to an incognizant Faustine: "The other nights I lie on a mat on the floor, beside her bed.
This psychological identity model for blacks provides a conceptual framework of how African Americans transform from being incognizant of their self-identity to internalizing it in a multicultural context.
Although a strong case of "attornment by silence' can be made regarding a sophisticated non-resident class member who receives notice, carefully weighs her options, and makes a deliberate decision not to opt out, the situation is more problematic with respect to class members who fall into the following categories: the indifferent, the ignorant, and the incognizant. (50) A court's power to terminate a plaintiff's substantive rights by precluding the plaintiff from repudiating judgment is not based on any actual form of consent on behalf of the plaintiff in an opt-out class action, but is rather conferred on that court by a stature.
Nurses are incognizant of the implications and failed to take appropriate actions.
More and more each winter, however, when I catch myself in the throes of lightlessness--staring slack-jawed out a dusty window at the dim light, unblinking and incognizant of any one coherent thought--I find myself understanding the biological adaptations of not just the species that migrate but the bears, with their deep sleeps of hibernation.
That Chaucer should be almost incognizant of the preservers of textual knowledge shows the library as a virtual nonentity for English readers of the 14th century.
As discussed in individual sections above, there is a multitude of complexities within which are topics that have been the subject of argument since the days of Sun Zi (circa 512BC) and Machiavelli (1506AD), and the possibility of new managers providing effective solutions to management and production problems, when incognizant of the factory culture, is rather remote.
can function tolerably if many groups have such power and must continously be bribed to forgo its disastrous exercise." (131) The capacity of merged giants to engage in this kind of economic sabotage by threatening to inflict substantial economic damage unless their demands are acceded to--demands that need not be efficient in any meaningful sense--is another dimension of the problem of structural economic power about which the Antitrust Modernization Commission and today's efficiency aficionados seem incognizant.