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incapable of being perceived or known

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Thought is something that, for what we know, emerges from the subconscious, from something of which we know nothing about and of which we cannot know anything about, from the incognizable. As I said earlier, thoughts emerge from and disappear within their corresponding quantum void, just like particles, interacting with everything and modifying the field.
Trinko, LLP, (5) the Supreme Court ruled that certain refusal to deal antitrust claims against Verizon--a successor to the former AT&T monopoly--were legally incognizable. (6) Although the Court grounded its decision in narrow language regarding the type of duty to deal, (7) it also identified several factors that, together, suggested that the antitrust laws were unnecessarily duplicative of state and federal regulation.
We have no conception of the absolute incognizable (CP, V.265)
As the preceding passages from the opinions in the federal Microsoft consumer actions suggest, the key legal concept is speculativeness: the difficulties associated with measuring the loss suffered by purchasers from monopolization of new economy markets will tend to render any damage estimate speculative and therefore legally incognizable. But the term is conclusory, devoid of independent meaning.
(4) Nonetheless, these plaintiffs, along with others like them, (5) lost--not before juries and not because their doctors were careful, but because their claims were adjudged legally incognizable. Their claims failed because the law lacks a category of injury fitted to the harm parents and prospective parents endure when IVF goes wrong.
And it is a special kind of "knowledge" indeed, because, according to Wittgenstein, our moral selves do not merely lie outside the cognitive sphere, as Kantian-like incognizable noumena, but remain outside the sphere of meaningful language-use.
Parker shows both that Peirce corrected Kant's list of categories and how he used the concept of the continuum and the role of infinitesimals to reject Kant's incognizable transcendental object.