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Synonyms for inclusive

Synonyms for inclusive

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including much or everything


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CDA's Director General His Excellency Ahmed Julfar said: "The list of influential and renowned scientists, researchers and academics that have come forward to take part in the first-ever International Conference on Inclusive Employment and Occupational Learning reflects the global momentum building up to empower people of determination to play their role in society.
To guide the practice of inclusive education in the country, the Ghana Government recently developed a policy to guide its operation (Ministry of Education, 2015).
The Nigerian school system, operate an inclusive setting, where the physically challenged children are taught with their peer, though, children whose condition are severe are taught in non inclusive settings.
Polled on the most important role that asset owners can play in promoting long-termism and inclusive growth, half of respondents (50%) agree on compensating investment managers according to long-term metrics.
At present, the inclusive business market in the country is still small.
There are other approaches: inclusive innovations can be highly technological, as illustrated by Protoprint, a pro-inclusive innovation bridging the gap between ghigh-levelh innovations and inclusive innovations.
Departures April May June Our price Includes: Return flights from Liverpool Airport Flight tax & fuel supplements 7 nights' accommodation Daily breakfast, lunch and evening meals All Inclusive drinks Luggage Allowance Prices from PS429 PS369 PS529
Keywords: inclusive growth, aid effectiveness, post-2015 development agenda, access to water, access to sanitation, primary school enrolment, limited information maximum likelihood
The Forum will offer expert-led discussions for both experienced and new investors, inclusive business practitioners, thought leaders from academia and civil society, as well representatives of the development assistance community.
The Post Office All Inclusive Holiday Report has questioned around 14 million holidaymakers worldwide to suggest that while all-inclusive packages are supposed to cater for all meals, often hotels only include some meals, and travellers find themselves having to pay for the rest.
The Wellness and Spa course was created to help students build a foundational understanding of the role that an inclusive approach to health can have in their future careers in the beauty, spa and wellness industries.
New Delhi, Oct 5 (ANI): Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Anand Sharma will address the National Seminar on "Industrial Productivity for Inclusive Growth" here today.
As a result, policymakers, educators, and parents worldwide have made serious attempts to facilitate inclusive educational practices (Avramidis & Norwich, 2002).
A new online Inclusive Design Toolkit has been launched by communications solutions and services provider BT, developed to support designers and those working in product development and to provide a general inclusive design guide for businesses.
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