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enclosed in the same envelope or package

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* All other damages received are included in gross income in full, including the amounts that may have been paid directly to the attorneys.
ProSeries Line includes the ProGun, which is included with the portable ProSeries Gelcoater and the Advantage Series for entry level operations.
54th Street, a $135 million construction project with 393 residential apartments funded with New York State Housing Revenue Bonds and 90 Washington Street, which included the residential conversion of a 27-story office building into 398 residential apartments funded with New York City Liberty Bonds.
1.83-6(a)(2), a safe-harbor provision, provides that the employee is presumed to have included in gross income any compensation received, if the employer has timely met all the requirements of Sec.
Specific information included: A brief description of the content of the book, journal, website or video, the intended audience (addressing value for the instrumentalist, keyboardist and/or vocalist), the authors' approach and specific techniques (such as physiological and psychological, when relevant), general research information and bibliography and/or end notes, if included in the book.
Included within this rule are gross receipts from the sale of self-constructed QPP that the taxpayer uses internally before sale; business interruption insurance payments to the extent they substitute for gross receipts that would have been DPGR; and the value of non-cash consideration received by the taxpayer in exchange for QPP that was MPGE by the taxpayer in whole or in significant part in the United States.
The ads are provided both in four-color and black and white, as well as in half- and full-page sizes, with usage and printing instructions included.
Records Retention: Statutes and Regulations provides a unique database of Canadian records retention requirements and direction on classification of records for storage included in federal and provincial statutes and regulations.
Sexual orientation has been included in that policy for more than three years.
Also included is the Regulation Y revision for non financial equity investments, approved by the Board on January 7, 2002 (effective April 1, 2002).
Included is information pertinent to both physiological and psychological coping.
While manslaughter by negligence is a Part I crime, it is not included in the Crime Index.
The standard and professional editions include improved PowerPoint (presentations) and Access (database, included in professional edition only) programs and Camcorder, a utility that captures on-screen activities and turns them into movie files.
Included are vacuum-sizing, spray-quench and cooling tanks.