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Synonyms for enclosure

Synonyms for enclosure

an area partially or entirely enclosed by walls or buildings

Synonyms for enclosure

the act of enclosing something inside something else

a naturally enclosed space

something (usually a supporting document) that is enclosed in an envelope with a covering letter

References in classic literature ?
"And I mentioned as my excuse for speaking"--he stopped, and corrected himself--" I believe I mentioned that a valuable inclosure was in the letter."
"Moody did mention the inclosure in the letter--in Isabel Miller's hearing as well as in mine." She paused, steadily controlling herself.
"I say that Isabel Miller knew of the inclosure in my letter--and I ask, What of that?"
While Geoffrey was still fifty yards from the turning which would take him back to Windygates--while the tears were still standing thickly in Arnold's eyes--the gate of the farm inclosure opened.
He returned--faithful to the engagement which he had undertaken--to his post before the inclosure. The chaise was then a speck in the distance.
A moment later three men issued from the inclosure and came forward to meet the survivors and listen to the hurried story of the eleven eventful days since they had set out upon their expedition to the barrier cliffs.
Most pools installed with pool inclosures. Unlike other manufacturers Pettit Pools uses no chop fiberglass, all the pools are hand laid using only the best iso-resin and gel coat on the market today.
lands and inclosures of Mr James Bishop and of William Paine to the
La forma parlamentaria del robo es la Bills for Inclosures of Commons, dicho en otras palabras, decretos por los cuales los senores feudales se regalan entre si mismos las tierras del pueblo como propiedad privada, decreto de la expropiacion del pueblo" (Marx, 2007: 211).
Conforme mencionado no paragrafo anterior, a politica de Cercamento dos Campos iniciada pelos Inclosures e Enclosure Acts contribuiu simultaneamente para a emergencia de ambos os movimentos de modernizacao da estrutura social presente no Reino Unido no Seculo XVIII: enquanto os campos eram constantemente esvaziados por forca de migracoes para as cidades (e neste caso, tambem para os--atuais--Estados Unidos da America) a modernizacao rural ocorria pela via da Revolucao Agraria, enquanto nas cidades estes novos migrantes constituiram uma nova classe (agora denominada proletaria) e, majoritariamente, tornavam-se os trabalhadores das fabricas instaladas nas cidades (em especial no entorno do que posteriormente seria a Grande Londres).
1913) ("It has been several times said by learned jurists that it was unfortunate that this term 'curtilage,' found in the English statutes defining the offense of burglary, and which applies to the dwelling and the houses surrounding the dwelling house in England, should have been perpetuated in the statutes of our different states; for the term is not strictly applicable to the common disposition of inclosures and buildings constituting the homestead of the inhabitants of this country, and particularly of farmers.
However, during the inclosures of the 18th and 19th centuries, landowners seized the commons.
all felons and disturbers of the public peace, and violators of the criminal laws," and could "break open doors and inclosures to execute" warrants.
Britain's countryside supplies the needs of its people and operates as a metonymy for a society that is both interrelated and well organized: in France, he fondly recalls "the country of England smiling with cultivation; the grounds exhibiting all the perfection of agriculture, parceled out into beautiful inclosures, corn-fields, hay and pasture, woodland and common; meadows well stocked with black cattle." (10) Italian gardens, by contrast, contain "a variety of walks and groves and fountains, a wood of four hundred pines" (and he continues to list many other "particulars"); in short, Italian natural sites--like the people and the various principalities--are disparate elements rather than a harmonized community.
La forma legal que adquirio la expropiacion, por precios irrisorios o bien directamente por la fuerza, de las antiguas propiedades comunales en el Reino Unido (commons) -y el mismo proceso lo encontramos en Alemania (Allmende), Francia (communaux) o Espana (ejidos)- fueron las Bills for Inclosures of Commons (Leyes para el cercado de las tierras comunales), descritas por Marx como <<decretos por los que los senores feudales se regalan a si mismos las tierras del pueblo como propiedad privada.>> (David Harvey recuperaria mas tarde este capitulo de El capital para su formulacion del concepto de "acumulacion por desposesion", mostrando que este proceso no se detiene historicamente, sino que es inherente al modo de produccion capitalista.)