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Synonyms for inclosure

something (usually a supporting document) that is enclosed in an envelope with a covering letter

the act of enclosing something inside something else

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Behind the chapel extended, surrounded by two high hedges of hazel, elder and white thorn, and a deep ditch, the little inclosure - uncultivated, though gay in its sterility; because the mosses there grew thick, wild heliotrope and ravenelles there mingled perfumes, while from beneath an ancient chestnut issued a crystal spring, a prisoner in its marble cistern, and on the thyme all around alighted thousands of bees from the neighboring plants, whilst chaffinches and redthroats sang cheerfully among the flower-spangled hedges.
Outside the inclosure were several horses mounted by servants; a travelling carriage was in waiting for this lady.
"Was anybody in the room with your Ladyship when you put the inclosure in the letter--as you believe?"
"And I mentioned as my excuse for speaking"--he stopped, and corrected himself--" I believe I mentioned that a valuable inclosure was in the letter."
Occasionally, they were surrounded by small inclosures of wormwood, about three feet high, which gave them a cottage-like appearance.
Two months had come and gone before the convalescent in the Sacramento hospital was identified with Kirkman, the absconding San Francisco clerk; even then, there must elapse nearly a fortnight more till the perfect stranger could be hunted up, the portmanteau recovered, and John's letter carried at length to its destination, the seal still unbroken, the inclosure still intact.
Arnold was now on the road to the eastward, having advanced in that direction to meet Geoffrey, between two and three hundred yards from the farm-house inclosure before which he had kept his watch.
While Geoffrey was still fifty yards from the turning which would take him back to Windygates--while the tears were still standing thickly in Arnold's eyes--the gate of the farm inclosure opened.
“More able to do either, my dear father.” said a playful voice from under the ample inclosures of the hood, “ than to kill deer with a smooth-bore.” A short pause followed, and the same voice, but in a different accent, continued.
They shut the gate after entering the inclosure, but carefully forbore to lock it as well, and carefully restricted their walk to the westward side of the garden.
Brady trembled like a leaf as he crossed himself and gave silent thanks, for there before them stood the sturdy ramparts of Dinosaur and from inside the inclosure rose a thin spiral of smoke that marked the location of the cook-house.
A moment later three men issued from the inclosure and came forward to meet the survivors and listen to the hurried story of the eleven eventful days since they had set out upon their expedition to the barrier cliffs.
Whatever the result may be, pray return to me the inclosures which I have trusted to your care, and believe me, dear madam, in much suspense and anxiety, sincerely yours,
Every farm and every acre is cut up into little square inclosures by stone walls, whose duty it is to protect the growing products from the destructive gales that blow there.
Here and there among the bushes were small inclosures containing graves, sometimes no more than one.