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Synonyms for inclinometer

an instrument showing the angle that an aircraft makes with the horizon

a measuring instrument for measuring the angle of magnetic dip (as from an airplane)

an instrument used by surveyors in order to measure an angle of inclination or elevation

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Next, the sun sensor calibration model, sun sensor, inclinometer alignment model, and sun image centroid-extraction algorithm are described in detail.
In recalling and generalizing the method presented in [8], we first define the inclinometer frame of reference.
A regular inclinometer does not control for subtalar joint contribution to ankle ROM even with an extension arm as described by Gerhardt et al (7) The extension arm described by Gerhardt was rather narrow in width, and would not allow a broad contact with the foot, which would reduce the subtalar contribution.
In this paper, the Pasternak double-parameter elastic foundation model of pipe-roof during the construction of tunnel exits is first established, and then, with the Hanjiashan Tunnel of Tongxun Highway as basis, the inclinometer is first adopted to measure the deformation of the pipe-roof in the tunnel exiting portal and the deformation law of the pipe-roof is obtained.
The latter methods are mainly as follows: inclinometer [3] is relatively accurate, but the real-time performance and the telemetry effect are poor.
Digital instruments are lightand portable for joint movement measurement (electrical inclinometer) and its usage is similar to goniometer.
Optional inclinometer. A digital slump meter works in tandem with angle sensors to adjust the drum speed.
If you do this without adding some (presumably left) rudder pressure, the inclinometer's ball will move slightly left.
Camera options include a built in inclinometer, sonde, laser diode system to measure cracks and offsets, and a laser pipe profiling system to measure ovality.
In scientific literature are present several works on the topic; all of them take into consideration different types and tools for measuring the range of motion of the shoulder: some simply involved the use of the examiner's eye (14,15), some others used anatomical evidence-based reference20, or the goniometer (2,4,5,17) or the inclinometer and finally also the digital inclinometer was used in some cases (6,7).
Features include a precision-based inclinometer for accurate dock positioning and a floating deck that matches trailer movement during cargo handling.
The astrolabe, which was invented by the ancient Greeks during the second century BC and whose name means "star-taker" in Greek, is a portable inclinometer (an instrument for measuring angles of slope, elevation or depression of an object with respect to gravity) which was used to assess the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars, in addition to keeping time and navigation
Aiming to enable a high-qualified, low-cost real-time surveillance system during geotechnical processes, the Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology and Department of Communication and Distributed Systems at RWTH Aachen University have collaborated to develop a MEMS embedded wireless monitoring system called "X-SLEWS", which include a three-axis accelerometer and a two-axis inclinometer in each mote and is capable of measuring and sending tilting information with a settable frequency to the base station via a wireless network (May et al., 2013).
BEI Sensors introduced the T-Series industrial inclinometer, a compact and high-performance sensor for measurement of slope or tilt angles of an object with respect to gravity.
"The system is composed of a camera for photography, digital inclinometer circuit and a computer," he added.