inclined plane

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a simple machine for elevating objects

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Frank conducts a project dealing with the acceleration of a steel ball rolling down an inclined plane. By Frank's standards, this kind of project allows variables such as displacement, time, velocity, and acceleration to be investigated.
Among the other proposals being announced tomorrow are the reconstruction of the Foxton inclined plane on the Grand Union Canal in Leicester and the restoration of the Cotswold Canal to link the Thames and Severn rivers.
Both have patents for molds that move both up and down and back and forth--Excell's by independent machine movements and Placo's by sliding on an inclined plane.
How It Works: Pushing an object up an inclined plane is easier than lifting it straight up.
Internally the form contains three tiers of accommodation anchored against the southerly wall, with the curve of the wall becoming a surface with which to engage, forming an inclined plane against which to lean while reading a book in the child's playroom, and providing shelves of varying depth in the kitchen.
A narrow gauge tramway was laid down on a long inclined plane, and rope pulled the wagons full of stone up the slope.
(In reality, he rolled them down an inclined plane.) All the balls hit the ground at once.
This is designed as a so-called "inclined plane", Which is slightly rising and together with additional ramps ensures barrier-free development of the station.
Snugly secure in the cradle, the boat was then lofted a few feet by means of a steam-engine (James Watt would have insisted on that) and placed on the rails of the inclined plane. As it slid down the plane so it drew up another cradle, usually empty, on the other rail.
Contract notice: project management for the realization of a sectioning work upstream of the inclined plane of saint-louis arzviller
Externally, this becomes a massive inclined plane on which Aasen's signature is scribbled in steel as if on an advertisement hoarding.
Contract notice: construction of a sectioning structure upstream of the inclined plane of saint-louis arzviller
The plan is more geometrically arranged and the roof is one single inclined plane. Thorkelsen's house is more obviously modernist, while the Knutsen house is more striking, as a picture.