incline bench press

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a bench press performed on an inclined bench

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INCLINE BENCH PRESS: Lie on an incline bench raised to 45 degrees.
To get his James Bond body, Daniel Craig put himself through a tough fitness routine, including the incline bench press, inset; Wesley Doyle believes it's possible for any man to get Daniel's shape
Precompetitive/Competitive Phase Mesocycle SUNDAY TUESDAY THURSDAY Crunches 3X30 Hang Snatch (see %) Sit-ups w/ weight with weight 3X15 Bench Press Mid Thigh High Pull Dumbell Bench (see %) 5 x 3 Press 3 x 5 Hang Clean Shrugs 3 x 6 Narrow Grip Snatch (see %) 3 x 5 50% (light and fast) Close Grip Incline Bench Press B.N.
equipments:-Commercial Treadmill, Commercial Elliptical Trainer, Smith Machine, Cable Cross, sover,Anti Burst Gym Ball , Rubber Medicine Ball,Olympic Flat Bench , Olympic Incline Bench Press, Olympic Decline Bench Press ,Flat Bench
Commercial Elliptical Trainer (7), Smith Machine (2), Cable Cross, sover (1), Anti Burst Gym Ball (10), Rubber Medicine Ball (10), Olympic Flat Bench (3), Olympic Incline Bench Press (1), Olympic Decline Bench Press (1), Flat Bench (5), Utility Bench (6), Commercial Recumbent Bike (6), Commercial Vibrator (6), Abdominal Crunch (6), Leg Press (2), Leg Extension/Leg Curl (2), Commercial Fluid Rower (2), Yoga Foam Roller (5), Double Exercise Wheel (5), Solid Dumbbells (Every 2), Functional Trainer (2), Arm Curl (2), Butterfly (2)