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Synonyms for inclination

Synonyms for inclination

deviation from a particular direction

Synonyms for inclination

(astronomy) the angle between the plane of the orbit and the plane of the ecliptic stated in degrees

(geometry) the angle formed by the x-axis and a given line (measured counterclockwise from the positive half of the x-axis)

(physics) the angle that a magnetic needle makes with the plane of the horizon

that toward which you are inclined to feel a liking

the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical

a characteristic likelihood of or natural disposition toward a certain condition or character or effect

the act of inclining

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Y, como demuestra la experiencia hasta la saciedad, las personas humanas pueden encaminar sus pasos por multitud de sendas y cobijar sus vidas bajo intereses que, unos y otros, les <<endurecen el corazon>>, es decir, les hacen ignorar, errar o corromper aquella sutil inclinatio a la verdad del amor (17).
Al identificar esta inclinatio con el amor omnipresente en el universo, ibn Sina vuelve a la concepcion de un mundo vivo, en el cual todo movimiento se debe a la simpatia existente entre los seres y al amor del universo, orientado hacia Dios (48).
18) It is clear in the case of inclinatio which is the innate ordination of a power, or the training given to it by the repetition of the same kind of actions, or by the gift of grace and that this can apply to a habit, virtue or vice (See ST 1-2, q.
The ostentatious tastes of those with either money or the inclinatio nor both - were an antidote to the severe morality and puritanical virtues that had prevailed before.
Inclinatio frontale: The inclination of the forehead up to its transition into the parietal bone, in particular the lower forehead up to the height of the tubera frontalia, viewed from the front: concave or vertical (1), nearly vertical (2), slightly inclined (3), slightly receding (4), and strongly receding (5).
19) Thomas Aquinas, the great Christian genius of the thirteenth century, described it as "naturalis inclinatio ad virtutem," a natural inclination to virtue that even the calamity of Original Sin has not totally destroyed but only weakened by obstructing its expression.
Los esposos son quienes, mediante su consentimiento, han transformado su inclinacion amorosa unitiva en union debida en justicia: han transformado--segun sintetizo un gran maestro--la inclinatio en obligatio (64) y lo han podido hacer por libres y senores de su intimidad nupciable virgen.