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Synonyms for incite

Synonyms for incite

Synonyms for incite

give an incentive for action

provoke or stir up

urge on


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Police warn of criminal liability for inciting to ethnic hatred.
This index was developed by monitoring violent and inciting rhetoric according to a list of 100 keywords of expressions, names and personalities in Hebrew with the aim of measuring the level of violent rhetoric and hate speech at the hands of Israeli social media users.
Li was detained in September 2009 for inciting ethnic hatred, but later released on bail.
The first charge is inciting a teenage girl to send him indecent images of herself, the other of inciting a girl to engage in sexual activity.
Wilders is accused of discrimination and inciting racism for remarks in 2014, televised live, in which he led a roomful of followers in chanting that they wanted "fewer" Moroccans in the Netherlands.
The Ministry of Interior on Tuesday had dispatched a reference against MQM's "dissociated" chief to United Kingdom government, accusing the former of inciting people to violence in Pakistan.
In recent months, numerous arrests have been made of people accused of inciting terrorism through social media.
A Court of First Instance issued the sentence on May 24 in connection with inciting hatred against the kingdom's constitutional system and insulting a government body.
Summary: Suspects acquitted of inciting 300 workers to strike, start fires over weak evidence
In June last year, the Higher Criminal Court dropped the regime overthrow charge and sentenced him to four years after he was convicted on the charges of "publicly inciting hatred, an act which disturbed public peace, inciting non-compliance with the law and insulting public institutions."
A MAN accused of inciting a 12-year-old girl to commit a sexual act on herself has been sent for crown court trial.
On 28.12.15, we opened 2 identical inciting Facebook pages with only one difference between them.
Summary: Firebrand Preacher Sheikh Ahmad Assir denied accusations of funding terrorist groups or inciting violence when questioned by the Military Tribunal Monday, a judicial source told The Daily Star.
TUNIS, (TAP) - The identity of several administrators of Takfiri pages inciting to terrorism and murder on social networks was recently established, the Ministry of the Interior said in a statement Saturday.