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Synonyms for incitation

something that incites especially a violent response

Synonyms for incitation

something that incites or provokes

an act of urging on or spurring on or rousing to action or instigating


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43), lifting his text beyond the divide between truth and falsehood and turning it into a provocation or incitation for the attentive reader.
This in turn leads to a lower noise incitation (Bell et al.
Incitation without subsequent release creates a backing-up of sperm that can cause future distress.
Such an extreme, violent reaction is out of place in a modern world and can't be justified by references to exploitation or incitation.
There is something familiar, too, to be found in the tabulated pedigree of Iota, for the ubiquitous Northern Dancer features in the fourth generation of both sire and dam, and maternal grand-dam Incitation was herself inbred to the great little Canadian.
He composed Incitation to Desire (Tango) for the late Yvar Mikhashoff, who first performed the work at the North American New Music Festival in Buffalo on 14 April 1985 and later recorded it for New Albion Records (Incitation to Desire: Tangos for Yvar Mikhashoff, 1945-1993, NA 073CD, 1995).
Couples could be separated, according to canon law, on seven conditions: mutual decision to take vows; heresy of one of the spouses; incitation to mortal sin; physical and verbal abuse; a vow to leave for the Holy Land on crusade; the danger of contracting a contagious disease; and adultery.
Pour le depute Djilani Hammami (FP), la liberte et la democratie en Tunisie sont, aujourd'hui, menacees par des campagnes de " diabolisation ", d'" incrimination " et d' " incitation ", citant a titre d'exemple les menaces proferees contre le Front populaire et ses dirigeants.
beaucoup moins que] Elles sont une incitation a depasser les prejuges qui entourent cette religion.
I'm going to demand an end to the incitation to violence.
NNA - "Development and Liberation" parliamentary bloc member, Kassem Hashem, said that Lebanon is not in need for any adventure or mistake that increases tension, calling upon all parties to resort to wisdom and logic and abandon escalation and incitation rhetoric.
Le proprietaire de la chaine Al Hiwar, Tahar Ben Hassine, a porte plainte contre l'ancien premier ministre et actuel dirigeant au sein du mouvement Ennahdha, Ali Laarayedh pour "diffamation et incitation au meurtre".
This confirmed that the exclusion that was applied on the political Islamists that were not involved in violence or incitation has now extended to the entire democratic movement.
Un communique du ministere de la Justice et des Libertes precise que le site, hispanophone, a diffuse la version originale de la video en langue arabe, "ce qui signifie qu'elle etait adressee aux arabophones en general, et aux Marocains en particulier, et constitue de ce fait une incitation a perpetrer des actes de terrorisme dans le Royaume, et une menace pour la securite des citoyens marocains et leurs biens".
Plusieurs membres de la Confrerie des Freres musulmans avaient egalement ete arretes pour incitation a des actes de violence.