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a tooth for cutting or gnawing

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Many studies that had been carried out to in the past, found that the lingual frenum is a stable landmark for recording accurate occlusal vertical dimension.10-13 The aim of the present study was to evaluate the reliability of the measurement of the distance between the anterior attachment of the lingual frenum and the incisal edge of the mandibular central incisor in the Pakistani population.
In a study, significant difference in arch dimension was found between subjects with and subjects without crowding.5 A study reported that the maxillary and mandibular arch lengths, and the mesiodistal size of the primary canines were all factors that could lead to crowding in the incisor region.6 Another study also concluded that the larger the mesiodistal width of the mandibular incisors, the greater was the crowding.7
Incisor (left or right) was extracted without damaging root from these mandibles for determining age using cementum layers count.
Table 1 revealed the descriptive statistics and gender difference of the mesiodistal width of individualized and combined maxillary and mandibular four incisors. Generally, the mean values of the measured parameters were significantly higher in males than females except for the maxillary right and left laterals and mandibular left central incisor where there was non-significant gender difference.
The continuous incisor series between the two canines forms an overhang relative to the frontal face of the symphysis, representing a character of Hex.
The lower incisor is positioned according to A-pogonion (Apo), and then, the upper incisor is positioned relative to lower incisor.
Parameters undertaken for study were measured digitally on the computer in millimeters which included Inter-canine width (C) of maxilla and mandible, Inter-1st pre-molar width (PM1) of max- illa and mandible, Inter-2nd pre-molar width (PM2) of maxilla and mandible, Inter-molar width (M1) of maxilla and mandible, Arch depth of maxilla and mandible, Maxillary incisor inclination and Man- dibular incisor inclination (Figures 1 - 4).
Composite reconstruction of maxillary left central incisor was performed with total etch multilayered technique.
The most prevalent tooth involved was right maxillary central incisor n = 26 (32.91%, p = 0.001) and Ellis's classification III (37.97%, p = .001) of teeth fracture was common.
As the front of the tooth gets ground down, a pool of stem cells deep inside the jaw, at the very inner part of the tooth, is constantly building up the back of each incisor and pushing the growing tooth forward.
Panoramic radiograph showed impacted right maxillary first molar tooth root, well-defined cystic lucent lesion between the right mandibular molarteeth, maxillary lateral incisors with Dl, and periapical lesion related with right maxillary lateral incisor (Figure 1).