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Synonyms for incisiveness

a cutting quality

Synonyms for incisiveness

keenness and forcefulness of thought or expression or intellect

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Porto, lacking incisiveness, were slow, predictable in attack and lacked the fluidity that led them to win the Europa league last season, rarely threatening in the second half.
Kahui, Sonny Bill Williams and Kaino were outstanding on the night but New Zealand's second-half performance did not match the incisiveness of the first 40 minutes.
The bold incisiveness of her gesture is plain in the fact that its only remnant is a nonsacralized digital recording.
Although United have come through the biggest of matches without star players, such is the incisiveness of Arsenal's attack that they will have to be on top form if they are to gain a victory that would sweep them back to the top of the Premier League.
The Glyndebourne Chorus and London Philharmonic Orchestra are conducted with incisiveness and ebullience by Vladimir Jurowski.
Davies certainly had Forest fired up for this one as they started with all their old flair and incisiveness.
And their sharp-clawed machinations are presented with nonstop verve in a book that can compress a wealth of incisiveness into a very few well-chosen words.
Some pain, resentment and deeper feelings come through in the final stages, although the film still wants for more incisiveness and a sense of full experience.
This incisiveness can be seen by comparing the differences in the discussions found in U.
Such incisiveness inspires the reader-viewer to interpret the emblem as a virtual syllogism, or more precisely enthymeme, in which the res picta, comprised by the picture and epigram together, constitutes the protasis, while the res significata, to be inferred by the inventive reader-viewer, supplies the apodosis that completes the enthymematic argument.
It is an excellent 'Forschungsbericht', written with incisiveness, occasional wit, and impartiality.
Yes, he acted with the speed and incisiveness of an obese mollusc when it was revealed that our Government had been allowing foreign-born criminals out of our jails without even a thought of deporting them.
Clicking on the headline brings that column to life, ready to be enjoyed and valued again for the incisiveness of the insight that it brought when it first appeared in the pages of T&P.
That's pretty heady company, and if I hold special places for the finesse of Gilels, the poetry of Kovacevich, and the incisiveness of Cliburn, I'd have to remind you of the price of this Richter reissue, with its 1988 coupling of the Piano Sonata, and it looks pretty good.
Stanley brought to class all that incredible incisiveness, brilliance, speed, and energy from Balanchine," says Villella.